Month: January 2014

Automotive Parts Distribution – Andrew Watt Ltd

Andrew Watt Ltd are the largest independent supplier of quality, original equipment component parts within the Glasgow region. The company was established in 1935 and has been family owned for three generations. The Focus Time & Attendance system was installed… Read more »

Construction – Lakesmere Ltd

Lakesmere is an industry leading roofing, cladding & façade specialist building envelope contractor, delivering many of the construction industry’s most prestigious and award-winning buildings. The Focus Time & Attendance system is used at up to twelve construction sites around the… Read more »

Importing & Distribution – JVL Homeware Solutions

JVL were founded in 1988 specialising in importing, manufacturing and distributing doormats, basketware and other specialised products. Today they are a leading UK supplier to many leading national and independent retailers. JVL were specifically looking for the T&A system to… Read more »