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Biometric Access Control – Fingerprint

Egress Systems offers two sophisticated biometric access control solutions using a range of fingerprint terminals.

  • Stand alone Fingerprint Access Control
  • Integrated Fingerprint Access Control with Time & Attendance

Five fingerprint terminals are available:

Biometric Access Control Options

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Fingerprint Access Control Only

A stand-alone fingerprint access control system (without Time & Attendance functionality) can be provided using the BioStar software.

If only simple access rules are required then they can be configured directly at the Biolite Net, Biostation and T2 terminals without the need for the Biolite software.

Biostar Access Control Software

Biostar Access Control Software - User ScreenA copy of Biostar Lite is issued with each new BioEntry, Biolite Net, Biostation or T2 terminal.  As well as being a useful tool to change various settings within each terminal, it is also a fully functional access control software application.

Biostar can either be used to support the Focus Time & Attendance software by providing a means of configuring Access Rules / Groups that are applied to employees managed by Focus OR can be used as a self-contained Access Control system where employees are managed within the Biostar software itself.

Biostar Access Control Software - Doors ScreenIndividual Doors can be defined and then applied to Access Groups.  In the example below we are about to add the “Back Door” to the IT Dept access group.

Biostar Access Control Software - TimezonesTimezones can be created to determine when an employee belonging to a specific Access Group can access each door.

Biostar Access Control Software - HolidaysEven “Factory Shutdown” periods can be defined where members of specific access groups may have reduced access privileges during the shutdown period.

Integrate Fingerprint Access Control and Time & Attendance

An integrated fingerprint access control and time & attendance solution is achieved with a combination of the Focus Pro / Enterprise software and BioStar.

The typical process of setting up a new employee for access control is summarised below:

  • An employee is enrolled at a Biolite Net, Biostation or T2 terminal. The enrolled biometric templates are then read by the Focus software, saved to the database and then associated with the corresponding employee within Focus.
  • Included as part of an employee’s details is their Access Group. Access Groups in Focus correspond with the Access Groups defined by Biostar (or as configured within the terminal itself).
  • When the employee’s biometric template is propagated (transferred) to the specified fingerprint terminals, the Access Group is included.

So essentially, the process is quite simple. Once Access Rules and Groups have been defined within Biostar (which is not normally a very frequent event after the initial set up), then employees are enrolled, saved by Focus and propagated to other devices in the usual way – except they have an Access Group associated with them.

BioStar Pro

As well as Biostar Lite, Biostar Pro is also available.

The main difference between Biostar Lite and Pro are the maximum number of concurrent client users increases from 2 in Lite to Unlimited in Pro. Another significant feature, only available in Pro, is the ability to create Zones to allow Biometric Templates to be automatically read from a device within a Zone and then sent to all of the other devices within the same Zone.

So an example would include a company with multiple sites. Each Site could be defined as a Zone and all the devices at that site assigned to that specific Zone. Then, when a new employee is enrolled (or when an existing employee is re-enrolled or deleted), then their template is then sent to all the other devices at the same site (or Zone).

Biostar Pro uses a USB dongle (just at the Biostar Server computer) to provide authentication. Some consideration should be given to this if working in a virtualized server environment.