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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Focus software and hardware offer Access Control?

Yes. Access Control is possible in a variety of configurations using the HRX5000 proximity clocking terminal, the HandPunch biometric terminal with HandPunch Interface (HPI) or the BioLite Net fingerprint terminal.

The Focus Pro and Focus Enterprise Time & Attendance software both offer integrated access control functionality and Suprema’s BioStar software provides control features for the BioLite Net terminal.

Who needs to be consulted or involved when considering an Access Control solution?

Although an organisation is likely to install far larger systems than Access Control, it should be considered how many departments and individuals need to be involved.

Often an Access Control System will involve HR, IT, Facilities Management and Security departments as well as others such as Fire Alarm system providers, CCTV providers etc.

What are the limitations of Access Control?

It is often wrongly considered that Door Access Control will always provide full secure control of who is restricted and who is granted access through particular Access Points. A door can be held open for someone or it is sometimes impractical to control a very busy door that sees a lot of pedestrian traffic.

Only the use of pedestrian turnstiles and barriers can physically limit the number of individuals who pass through at one time and can allow provision for accurate control / monitoring.

Depending upon what is trying to be achieved, an Access Control system needs to be planned and given consideration.

Is it possible, or desirable, to produce a Time & Attendance transaction and an Access Control Transaction from a single action?

A common request is for a system to provide both an Access Control transaction and a Time & Attendance transaction from a single card swipe or biometric action.

Although possible, we often try to point out that a doorway can be used many times in a day and would therefore clock an employee in / out each time. This action would result in misleading and ambiguous Timesheet data. Also, just because an employee has entered the site, it does not necessarily mean they have commenced work.

We usually encourage the installation of dedicated Clocking Terminals to record Time & Attendance transactions, which operate independently of Access Control.

How can I encourage my Staff to use the system responsibly?

Staff are often reluctant to embrace Access Control, so it is important consult and explain to staff the reasons and implications prior to installation.

It can be explained to Staff that Access Control can help to protect their security and their property as well as that of the organisation.

Also, in the event of a fire, an evacuation list produced by the Access Control system could result in an individual being noted as missing and searched for by a rescue team – both security and safety.

Can I use my existing cards with a new system?

Yes, it is a possibility that if you have existing cards or fobs, dependent on type, they could be used with a new Access Control system. The type of system may be limited and a particular type of reader used but because we can interface with different types of reader, a significant saving is possible due to not having to replace all of your cards.

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