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Automotive Parts Distribution – Andrew Watt Ltd

case_andrewwattAndrew Watt Ltd are the largest independent supplier of quality, original equipment component parts within the Glasgow region. The company was established in 1935 and has been family owned for three generations. The Focus Time & Attendance system was installed in October 2012 and handles the Time and Attendance data for around 65 employees across 5 sites in and around Glasgow.

Andrew Watt Ltd were specifically looking for the T&A system to provide the following functions:

  • Time and Attendance recording for the whole of  the workforce
  • Annualised Hours recording
  • Allow some employees to clock in and out using a web based self service option.

“The whole system has been useful to be honest, but the most used feature would probably be the Rota as it gives you a great overview of what staff is needed, when and for how long.  The Exceptions feature is particularly good as it quickly and easily identifies any discrepancies such as missed clocking, absences and target hours, plus holiday requests. The various reports are also very helpful.

“The web module is also a great addition from the staff’s point of view as it clearly shows previous clocking and hourly totals they’ve worked, plus a summary of their calendar from which they can apply for holidays.

“Without question the system has saved us both time and money, as well as making the overall business more efficient the savings as a result of implementing annualised hours has exceeded our expectation.

“We looked at various time management systems on the market, but because our requirements were somewhat unique it was difficult to find the right package.

“Egress Systems were the only company prepared to assist us in putting together and creating a solution that matched our requirements.

“The support and training is exceptional and a credit to their commitment to their customers.

“We would certainly recommend Focus – we’ve have already had other businesses ask us to show the benefits and savings achievable by implementing such a system.”

Paul McCourt, Systems Manager at Andrew Watt Ltd.

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