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Manufacturing – Brian James Trailers

brian_james_logoBrian James Trailers manufacture specialist trailers for transporting cars for motorsport, car enthusiasts etc. BJ Trailers purchased Focus Pro with a HandPunch in 2015 and subsequently ordered a BioStation to add to their time and attendance system.

Abi James, HR / Facilities Manager at Brian James Trailers has had nothing but praise for Focus Pro and Egress Systems and was happy to let us share her experience with you:

Saving Time & Money

“Focus has saved us time by having all of the employee data we need on a day to day basis in one place.

“From Focus we can run our payroll data, we can monitor absenteeism, holidays, punctuality and lots of other things very easily.

“Having this sort of information readily available means that we can plan our production and we can spot any potential issues and nip developing issues in the bud.”

Focus Pro Software Features

“The reporting side of Focus is very useful. There is a wide range of comprehensive reports to choose from and they can easily be subdivided where needed.

“The calendar view for employees is a great way of keeping track of employee’s time off visually.

“The watch screen makes seeing who is in work and who isn’t in work very simple and is a great tool for management.

“The availability feature is also very useful for monitoring absences departmentally and for production planning purposes.”

Installation and Support Services

“Everyone at Egress has been extremely helpful. Whenever I have a query or need a quick reminder about the functionality of any product that Egress have supplied us with, they are all very responsive. I have never had to chase up for a response, I trust that I will get one.

“The service is extremely personal and they are very patient when it comes to helping with technical queries.

“Unlike other companies I have dealt with in the same industry, they have been helpful from the point of sale and all the way through.”

Praise for Egress Systems

“I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

“They are flexible, accommodating, knowledgeable and transparent which is all that you can ask for when dealing with a contractor.

“They have made an area of my job so much easier thanks to their help and expertise and I enjoy dealing with them.”

Call now for EXPERT ADVICE 0115 931 4007 or ask a question here ...