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Manufacturer – Homelux Nenplas Limited

case_nenplasHomelux Nenplas Limited is a leading supplier of extruded and injection moulded plastic products.

Homelux Nenplas first approached us in March 2007 us looking for a Time & Attendance solution. With some 114 employees, it was proving difficult and time consuming to accurately record attendance, hours worked and abensenteeism.

Together, with involvement from the IT and HR departments, we carefully considered the specific requirements for the system, including consideration of the most appropriate type of clocking terminal, specific shift rules, holiday and absence handling and payroll export.

During the demonstration of the Focus Pro software, it became clear how the system would provide immediate benefits, as well as other features such as analysis reports that would give long term value.

“Thorough discussions were held which enabled our requirements to be met easily and quickly.”

A site survey was also carried out to determine the most suitable locations for the clocking terminals and to examine the existing infrastructure to consider the communication and power for the terminals.

Detailed proposals were submitted for the supply, installation and support of the Focus Pro system.

Installation of the Focus Pro system occurred in June 2007. It involved the installation of three HandPunch biometric clocking terminals in different locations within the Homelux Nenplas main building. Each terminal was installed with a UPS power supply to allow each terminal to continue to operate during a mains power cut. All terminals were configured to communicate via TCP/IP over the existing Homelux Nenplas computer network.

Comments were made by Jan Fiers, HR Manager at Homelux Nenplas, within a post installation questionnaire. Extracts have been used with her kind permission.

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