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Choosing a Clocking System

Choosing a clocking system can be a minefield given that you are faced with a myriad of choices of software and clocking terminals. The best way to choose is to ask an expert who can base their advice on your unique circumstances, which is why we urge you to Contact Us for a chat.  However, if you like to do your own research first on what’s available then please take a look at our simple matrices below.

Which Clocking Machine Would Suit Me?

Face readers are gaining popularity because they are touch free and work in a wide range of environments except direct sunlight.  The globally popular HandPunch offers a robust solution for clocking in challenging environments such as building sites and heavy industry. Fingerprint clocking machines can be a cost effective solution but beware of the cheaper models that don’t live up to all they promise.  Proximity clock card terminals are extremely reliable but won’t protect your business from the risks of “buddy clocking”.

We suggest that you consider your working environment, size of organisation and additional functionality required when choosing a clocking system.  The matix below provides a guide with just one possible option that might suit you.  There are other options though – such as you could substitute a face reader for the HandPunch and we offer 3G or GPRS solutions for all varieties of terminal.  There are also other access control options with fingerprint readers.

Visit our clocking terminal options page of full details of the clocking machines we offer.

Clocking System - Clocking Machines

What Clocking Software Do I Need?

Choosing the right clocking software is as important as choosing the right clocking machine.  There’s no point in just obtaining clocking data if you can’t use it to understand the wealth of information it provides about your employees’ attendance patterns, punctuality, overtime accrual and payroll liabilities.  If this is your first clocking system then simple, easy to use software that can be upgraded when your competence and requirements evolve is essential and we’d recommend the Focus Lite software as it fulfills all of these requirements.  If you’ve grown out of your existing system or already know that you need more management reporting and flexibility then choose Focus Pro.  The Focus Enterprise software is for advanced users and larger organisations.

View the table below for details of the software functionality.

Clocking System - Software

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