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3G & GPRS Clocking Stations

We offer a range of portable clocking stations with 3G or GPRS communications that are ideal for locations without network access.  Originally implemented for the construction industry, where projects tend to be temporary, these clocking stations can be re-located when required to the next job.  The clocking stations are mounted either on a robust board, complete with power supply and modem or within a light-weight portable carry-case that is suitable for regular movement.  Both options are supplied with a single plug for powering the terminal from a standard UK mains socket.

3G Communications

All clocking terminal types communicate with the Focus Time & Attendance software using a 3G modem and a 3G M2M SIM card using the 3 Network. The only limitation is mobile phone coverage in the area it is to be used.  The terminal is simply defined within the software using the fixed IP address provided by the 3 Network.

GPRS Communications

GPRS was our original choice of communication for these portable clocking stations as it offers the customer a choice of networks depending upon the coverage in their area.  Unfortunately, fixed IP addresses are now hard to come by but we continue to offer this solution via a third party Sim provider – this requires the provision of a VPN between your site and the Sim provider for an annual fee.

Find out how Lakesmere use our portable GPRS solutions for deploying at their construction sites in their case study.

"Egress Systems have provided invaluable technical advice at the start of the project and helped us meet our delivery date for the system on time and under budget. Their continued support and advice has allowed us to overcome significant obstacles when deploying the system worldwide. Egress Systems are a valued member of our supply chain."

Rod Lewis, Business Systems Manager - Lakesmere Ltd.

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HandPunch 3G / GPRS Station

External GPRS ClockingAvailable with or without a Hurricane cover (necessary for outdoor installation), the Hand Punch Station offers a portable solution for those who require the security of a biometric reader but do not want to incur the work and/or cost of installation. Because it has just one mains plug and is secured to the wall via four screw holes, it is simple to move it to a different location with minimal fuss.

As the station is fitted with a keyswitch, the Handpunch and 3G modem can be re-booted without turning off the power.  There is a low voltage battery isolator – this prevents the battery from being fully discharged – maintaining its life expectancy. It also means the unit could be removed for storage / re-location without needing to open the PSU and remove the battery leads.

BioStation 3G / GPRS Clocking Board

Similar to the HandPunch station the BioStation 3G / GPRS board is a portable solution with a superb fingerprint reader – ideal for indoor environments without network access.  This is the ideal solution for recruitment agencies who need a solution located at a client site.

Face Recognition 3G / GPRS Portable Carry-case

GPRS Portable Clocking StationDeveloped initially for a construction sub-contractor for short-term projects,  this portable carry case incorporates a Hanvon F710 face recognition terminal and modem.  It’s an extremely compact unit and the case doubles as a cover to keep the terminal clean and prevent accidental clockings.  Ideal for quick transportation in a vehicle between jobs.