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Face Recognition – FaceStation

The Suprema FaceStation face recognition terminal is a high-end terminal for Time & Attendance and Access Control applications.  Suprema consistently offer reliable clocking terminals which out-perform the rest of the market and the FaceStation is no exception to this.

The FaceStation allows users to enroll up to five different profiles of themselves, unlike many other models, which ensures that employees can be registered with and without glasses, piercings etc. This helps eliminate clocking problems based upon changes of image (e.g. wearing contact lenses one day and glasses the next).  Suprema claim that this face recognition terminal can differentiate between identical twins, deal with users wearing the hijab and detect fake faces – they consistently strive to eliminate as many potential problems as possible so that you have a highly reliable face recognition solution.

The FaceStation illuminates the user’s face, helping to deal with low light conditions and has a tough exterior with robust buttons making it suitable for more challenging environments.  Face recognition devices are a highly suitable alternative to the HandPunch clocking terminal (which is ideal for dirty, heavy duty environments) because they offer contact-less clocking that isn’t dependent upon cleanliness and temperature.

Suprema have developed a intuitive user interface which provides a clear demonstration of how to enroll on the terminal with a model demonstrating how to tilt the head and move forwards and backwards etc.  Face recognition for clocking is almost immediate and the terminal provides a clear indication of successful clocking.

We highly recommend this terminal but you may like to consider the ZK VF300 face recognition terminal next.

"I couldn’t recommend Egress Systems highly enough. They are flexible, accommodating, knowledgeable and transparent which is all that you can ask for when dealing with a contractor."

Abi James, HR / Facilities Manager - Brian James Trailers Ltd

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Key Benefits

  • Enroll up to 5 different profiles per user
  • Capable of differentiating between twins & coping with Hijabs
  • Robust design suitable for challenging environments
  • Face illumination
  • Suitable for Time & Attendance and Access Control
  • Multiple communication options including TCP/IP and Wi-Fi

Product Features

  • 1,000 users (1:N) – clock using face only
  • 10,000 users (1:1) – clock using RFID card + face
  • 4.3″ colour touchscreen
  • Dimensions 132mm (W) x 165mm (H) x 60mm (D)
  • 5,000 maximum face logs
  • 1,000,000 maximum text logs
  • 4 inputs and 2 relays for Access Control
  • TCP/IP, optional Wi-Fi, RS232 and RS485 communication options
  • Operating Temperature: -20 to +40 celcius
  • Optional RFID reader – 13.56MHz Mifare/DesFire