HRX5000 Integrated Proximity Access Control

HRX5000 Proximity Reader

Integrated Proximity Access Control

Proximity access control functionality can be integrated with your Focus Time & Attendance system (Pro or Enterprise editions) using the HRX5000 proximity clocking terminals or HRX Access Control Unit. Use Focus to control access groups for specific doors according to day and time schedules and configure door release times etc.

Each HRX5000 terminal includes functionality to provide access control of up to two doors, barriers or turnstiles. Two separate remote proximity readers can be connected and there are two separate relays available to control the power to a door lock or to trigger a barrier or turnstile.

Power is supplied to a door lock from a suitably rated power supply and the relays in the HRX5000 are used to switch the power to the lock. Press-to-exit buttons can be connected to provide a timed trigger of each relay. Also, up to two door sensors can be connected to monitor if a door has been left open over a predefined period of time.


Key Benefits

Designed to integrate with the Focus Time & Attendance software

Uses reliable TCP, RS232 or RS485 communications

Connections for up to 2 readers per terminal

HID, Cotag, PAC, Paxton and Mifare readers all supported

Can control up to 2 separate doors / turnstiles per terminal

Inputs for Door monitoring

Dedicated printer output for fire alarm reporting

Scaleable; add to existing Focus systems easily

HRX5000 Integrated Proximity Access Control


Your access control requirements are configured via the Focus Time & Attendance software. As a brief explanation, employees are assigned to access groups. The access group will determine which doors all of the members of the group have access to as well as what times they can access those doors and on which days of the week.

Proximity Readers

A wide range of proximity readers are available for use with your access control system from HID, Mifare, Paxton, Cotag and PAC readers including long range reader options.

Site Surveys & Professional Locksmithing

Installing an proximity access control solution is a skilled job and that is why we only use professional locksmiths.  Our locksmiths can attend your site to perform a detailed site survey to recommend the appropriate electronic locks and door furniture for your doors – each door is unique and could require a different solution depending on head height, door composition, exist locks, fire requirements etc.

We can supply and install all equipment required as part of the job including the access control unit, electric locks, power supply units, press-to-exit buttons, break-glasses, key switches as well as those all important card readers and the cards or fobs themselves that your employees will need to gain access.

We will install the Focus Pro software on your designated PC and work with you in setting up personnel groups, rules, doors and adding employees.

Fire Alarm Reporting

As well as controlling who can access various areas of your building your proximity access control system can integrate with the Focus fire alarm reporting features.

Click here for more information on fire muster reporting.

Technical Specification

RS232 and TCP/IP comms

Optional keypad with 4 Function Buttons

Optional GSM and PSTN modem

16 X 2 LCD with LED Backlight

HID, Mifare, Paxton, Cotag or PAC

Display area: 64mm X 15mm

1 x Fire Alarm input trigger

50,000 clocking capacity in circular buffer

2 x Door Ajar Sensors

25 to 1,000 employees – upgradeable

2 x Exit Buttons

Flash memory upgradeable over TCP/IP

2 x remote reader inputs – 8 core up to 50 metres

Lithium battery for data and clock for 3 years

2 x Relays – SPCO up to 250V 0.5A

Material – Flame retardant ABS. 280mm x 160mm x 60mm

2 x Serial (RS232) Fire Alarm Printer Port

Power supply: 9V-12V DC, 95mm X 45mm X 25mm