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Biometric Clocking from Egress Systems

At Egress Systems, we offer a range of clocking terminals including the latest technology using employee hand recognition. It’s fast, efficient and requires no cards or passes.

One of our popular products in the HandPunch 1000 Biometric Terminal. this hand reader is manufactured by Ingersol Rand and has sold in large numbers throughout the world, including major UK high street retail chains, hotels, factories, building contractor sites and offices.

Time Attendance Software with the latest in biometric technology

As the HandPunch1000 records and stores the three‐ dimensional shape of the hand by measuring its shape and height rather than scanning finger or palm prints, the biometric hand geometry reader can cope with dirty hands, cuts and abrasions and even plasters on fingers. This means the HandPunch1000 can be used in environments where other biometric clocking machines may struggle to perform consistently.

There are also facilities to allow people with damaged hands or missing fingers to use the HandPunch1000 ensuring that it’s a suitable device for your entire workforce.

The HandPunch1000 model is designed to grow with your business and hence is available in three different employee capacities: 50, 100 and 512 users. The 50 and 100 employee versions can be upgraded when required by purchasing an upgrade code that is typed directly into the unit. A built in battery backed up memory can store over 5000 clocking transactions.

The HandPunch terminal is a hand geometry clocking terminal, ideal to prevent buddy clocking and issues with lost cards.

Various communication options available including; TCP/IP (using a Network convertor), RS232 (serial), GSM and GPRS (using data modem).

Power supply to the HandPunch can range between 12V and 24V DC supply. Alternatively the HandPunch can be powered by a 12V DC boxed power supply incorporating a 7Ah lead‐acid battery.

Due to the HandPunch1000 using optical technology there are some considerations to be made when choosing its location. The reader should not be placed in an area where it is exposed to direct sunlight as this could affect the unit’s ability to reliably identify employee hands. HandPunches have a minimum operating temperature of 5 degrees Celsius. Therefore the unit is not suitable for outdoor or cold environments unless a heating device can be installed to raise the local ambient temperature.

A BioCote® anti‐microbial agent containing silver is applied to the plate of the HandPunch during its manufacturing process. The BioCote® silver‐based additive remains active for the life of the HandPunch reader. This high‐tech agent provides a durable and safe finish that makes the plate’s surface cleaner and more hygienic.

Maintenance which the HandPunch benefits from is regular cleaning. This should be done using an alcohol free wipe or clean lint free cloth. Cleaning will aid not only with the general maintenance of the HandPunch but also with calibration.


The HandPunch clocking machines uses a two stage process of operating. This involves using a hand template in conjunction with a unique Personal Identification Number (PIN). Firstly an employee types in a PIN (pin length can be globally defined – 4 digits is normal) that locates their hand template in the terminal’s record file. Following this, the employee places their hand on the plate to verify their identity. The entire process of clocking (In/Out) can easily be completed in 3‐6 seconds. Hand verification actually takes less than 1 second.

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