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Time and Attendance Software for Medium to Large Organisations

Focus Enterprise Time and Attendance Software

Focus Enterprise Time & Attendance system is an enhanced Time and Attendance software solution for medium to large organisations requiring more than a basic time and attendance solution.

Building upon the core features of Focus Pro, Focus Enterprise enables users to effectively mine the large pool of data built up from employee clocking data and scheduled work plans. This ensures it’s an invaluable tool for controlling budgets, planning resources and minimise the effects of absence and lateness.

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Focus Enterprise includes all of the features of Focus Pro plus:

Report Designer for bespoke report building Suite of Cost Centre enhancements
Rota Day Planner
Capture up to 20 Rates

Scheduled Reports generation (e-mail / printer) Integration with Cascade HR & Cascade Payroll Additional reports

Focus Enterprise incorporates Cost Centre Analysis for planning and capturing time worked by your employees across different areas of the business.

This provides flexibility to analyse data as you choose: maybe by site, job role or project alongside traditional team or department groupings.

Cost Centre information is integrated throughout Focus:

View cost centre breakdown on the timesheet Apply cost centres to shifts in the Rota Produce reports with cost centre analysis :

– Payroll Detail & Summary – Employee Hours
– Cost Variance

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