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Time Attendance – Focus Pro from Egress Systems.

Time Attendance

Get your ideal time attendance solution from Egress

Focus Pro offers a sophisticated Time Attendance solution for all sizes of organisation and is compatible with a range of Proximity and Biometric terminals.

Building upon the core features of Focus Lite, Focus Pro provides users with extra features to manage costs, highlight undesirable attendance records and identify exceptions.

Focus Pro includes all of the features of Focus Lite plus: Realtime clocking data download
Absence booking via the Calendar & Availability Exceptions management facility

  • Rota
  • Access Control
  • Flexitime & Annualised Hours
  • Enhanced employee data recording
  • Additional reports including Working Time Directive

Plan flexible working patterns with the Rota facility – quickly apply shifts to employees or copy from a pre- defined schedule and amend as required. The Rota calculates the hours and costs of employing the right number of staff for a shift or department.

Compare actual hours worked and the associated costs with the Cost Variance Report. Create Pie Charts, Bar Charts and Area Charts of hours worked – Great for comparing basic hours and overtime across different departments.

Apply Flexitime rules across a period of your choice.

Create user defined Employee data fields, perfect for HR use. Customise dates, add photographs, list fields, free format information or assign links to documents.

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