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Employee App – Web Clocking Portal

The Self Service employee app provides a web clocking portal and much more.  Available for Android and Apple (iOS) devices, the app integrates with the Focus Pro and Focus Enterprise time and attendance software.

The app is specifically designed for remote workers and for workplaces where maybe a clocking terminal cannot be justified.  The app is low cost and fully supported by our software support team.  Just pay for the number of users you need requiring access.  Contact us for more information and a personalised quotation.

  • Clock on and offline (offline clocking available on Android only)
  • Capture GPS location positioning of each clocking
  • View personal timesheet
  • View personal calendar
  • Request absences including holidays
  • View personal rota or work schedule
  • View team availability

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"The calendar view for employees is a great way of keeping track of employee’s time off visually."

Abi James, HR / Facilities Manager - Brian James Trailers Ltd

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Configurable App Features

Employee App Login

The Focus Self Service employee app is accessed via a secure company code and employee logon credentials. Each feature of the app can optionally be turned on or off for each employee, including whether clocking is permitted on not.

Employees can, if required, clock on physical terminals but use the app to view their timesheets or book absences.  Alternatively, views of the employee’s timesheet could be removed but access to their personal rota made available.

Features are kept flexible to suit your businesses requirements and they enable you to offer different features to different employees within your business.

Web Clocking with GPS Positioning

Self Service App - Clock In Out

Every time a clocking is captured on the employee app the GPS location is recorded.  This can provide the employer with reassurance about where an employee is working and provide a valuable record of their geographical movements.  Many jobs require substantial travel, with very little time back at base, but using the Focus Self Service app can provide employee visibility and confidence about how they’re being deployed.  This builds trust between the employee and employer and can enhance a valuable relationship.

Employees can see their own GPS location on a Google map view.  Users of the core Focus software can see clocking locations over a period of time and drill down to satellite or street views (see Reports tab).  Lots of the great features available on Google maps help show exactly where employees have clocked.

Absence / Holiday Requests

Absence Booking - Holiday Request

Employees can request any type of absence you choose to configure.  Holiday requests are an obvious example or time in lieu, doctor’s appointments, parental or carer’s leave etc.  Pending, granted and refused absences are listed for the employee in the Calendar view.

Absence requests can be approved or refused through the core Focus software.

Personal Timesheet

App Timesheet

The personal timesheet view enables employees to see how much time they’ve worked on each week.  Overtime accrued can be determined and holidays booked will be shown.

Employee Calendar View

App Calendar

Employees can view their own work schedules, assigned cost centres (if applicable) and any absence reasons permitted by the administrators.  This can optionally include sickness and other absence types.

Team Availability

App Team Availability

Employees can see the availability of groups / teams they belong to.  This is handy for checking team availability before planning a holiday and can therefore help minimise the likelihood of refusal.  Names of other employees are kept confidential.

Personal Rota

App Personal Rota

Any employees assigned to a flexible Rota feature within Focus Pro or Enterprise will be able to view their own personal rota.  Rota descriptions are fully configurable within the software giving meaningful information for your employees.


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Focus Pro / Enterprise Features

Focus Core Timesheet with Map

The following features are available within the core Focus Pro or Focus Enterprise time and attendance software.  These features are unlocked with the use of the Focus Self Service web browser interface or Employee App.  Also available when used in conjunction with our unique portable GeoAttend clocking terminal – contact us for more information.

Timesheet – Google Maps Feature

Timesheet Google Maps

Once the Focus Self Service app is installed the Timesheet in the core Focus Pro or Focus Enterprise software is enhanced with Google Maps.  Packed with many of the great features available with Google Maps you can view the GPS locations of individual clockings and the direction of travel.

Timesheet – Satellite View

Timesheet Google Satellite

Swap to satellite view at a click of a button.  This is great for easily identifying buildings and landmarks that may not be marked up on the map.

Timesheet – Street View

Timesheet Google Street Person

Timesheet Google Street View

Dragging the person icon over to the clocking location enables the Focus user to locate the exact position of the clocking on Google Street View.  By scanning the location you’ll be able to find the building or street location where the clocking was tagged.

Clockings Report

Clockings Report

The clockings report simply lists clockings received and the source.  Here is shown clockings made via the Self Service web browser interface (with IP address) and those made via the app.  Any clockings made on a clocking terminal would likewise we listed with the terminal id.


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Clock Offline and Upload Later

Employee App - Clock Offline

On the Android version of the Focus Self Service employees can clock offline and upload when they’re next able to connect.  Brilliant for ensuring that there are ‘no excuses’ for not clocking due to poor mobile signal strength or lack of a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Approve Absences in Focus Core

Absence Approval in Focus Core

Any absence bookings made via the Focus Self Service app can be approved within the core Focus software.  Make your way to the Exceptions facility to view outstanding holidays approvals or view on the Calendar, Availability Screen or schedule a Workflow to e-mail you with outstanding requests.