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Fire Alarm Reporting

Fire alarm report printing is not just a nice to have add on to a Time and Attendance system but a crucial part of health and safety procedures. That’s why we provide a range of solutions so that generating that report is quick, safe and reliable.

  • Automatically triggered by your fire alarm panel – generated from an HRX terminal directly to up to two dedicated serial printers
  • Automatically triggered by your fire alarm panel – generated within the Focus software running as a Service
  • Manually triggered – from a desktop Icon, generated from the Focus software database
  • Manually triggered – generated within the Focus software

"We don’t use all the features and functions of Focus, but those we do use are so easy to view and simple to use. I can’t think of another application I’ve used in the last 10 years that has been so reliable or required so little maintenance. If its functionality is what you’re looking for I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it."

Simon Lynch, Systems Manager - JVL Ltd

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Automatic fire alarm report generation – via your clocking terminal

The HRX3000 and HRX5000 clocking terminals are capable of generating their own Fire Alarm report based on the data they hold on employees’ clockings independently of the Focus software. This means that even if communication to the software is broken, a fire report can still be generated.

The HRX terminal keeps track of Employees as they clock IN and OUT and maintains a record of those employees who are clocked IN. A fire alarm panel can be connected to the terminal so that if and when the fire alarm is activated, the clock will automatically generate a list of all those employees who are clocked IN on the system.

The terminal requires a ‘voltage free’ connection from the alarm panel. The installer of the Fire Alarm panel should make this connection for you. As an alternative, or as a ‘test switch’, you can connect a ‘push to make’ switch instead of, or in parallel with, the Alarm Panel connection. Suitable switches can be supplied by us if desired.

It is also possible to use a biometric HandPunch terminal connected to an HRX5000 to utilise it’s Fire Alarm Reporting functionality and other features. The Hand Punch is connected to the HRX5000 terminal via an RS232 serial cable. All of the enrolment and clocking IN and OUT is conducted at the Hand Punch in the normal way. However, it is the HRX5000 that actually records the clocking’s and also sends a verification message to the display on the Hand Punch.

If you wish to use a serial laser printer to produce the fire alarm report then this is also possible from an HRX3000 or HRX5000 via a TCP/IP network. Please see the TCP/IP Printer to HRX Terminal connection details document for connection and configuration information for use with an HRX5000.

Automatic fire alarm report generation – via the Focus Watch Service

If you have a HRX terminal you may still generate a Fire Alarm Printout direct from the software on the sounding of a fire alarm. In the event of the fire alarm sounding a ‘fire alarm transaction’ is triggered within the HRX terminal alerting the Focus Watch Service to send the report to any designated network printers.

Manual Fire Report Generation

focus_toolbar_fireQuickly produce a Fire Report by pressing the Fire Report button on the Focus toolbar or via the fire icon on the desktop. A report will then be sent to the designated printer/s. This does not require the purchase of an HRX terminal.

Fire Alarm Report

The Fire Alarm Printout lists Employees present, Fire Muster Group Number with a Page Break at the end of each group to allow for separating the printout into lists for separate Fire Alarm Muster locations. This report can be suitably customised from within the software.

Fire Alarm Report

Fire Alarm Report