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Focus Workflows

Focus Workflows empowers you to give your managers details of all the issues they need to deal with within Focus. This can make them as productive as possible, ensure that you gain the most from the wealth of data held in your Focus database and deal with issues at the earliest available opportunity.

Warn line managers of:

  • Excessive lateness
  • Missing clockings
  • Employee holiday bookings for the coming week
  • Hours worked etc.
  • Unauthorised overtime
  • Expiring certificates, probationary periods or any user defined date
  • and lots more

"Using Focus is enabling us to focus for the first time, with accurate data, on the true lost cost of absence and lateness as well as giving better commercial reasoning for increasing employee numbers based on data."

Duncan Chandler, Group HR Manager - Dormole Ltd (t/a Toolbank)

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Traffic Lights

Warnings can be displayed on a traffic light style display where you can configure what number of problems is OK (Green), how many require caution (Yellow) and how many consitute danger to your organisation (Red). In addition, you can choose to generate automated reports and e-mails to ensure that your system is maintained and problems managed in a timely manner.

Manage Situations

wflow_setupWorkflows can be generated for the following situations:

  • Absences – all reasons and types of absence can be configured to produce an alert.
  • Clocking Exceptions for Late In, Early Out, Missing Clockings, Edited Clockings and other Clocking Infringements.
  • Clocked in – View a summary of the number of employees clocked in at present.
  • Expiration of date user fields you have set up for employees.

Warnings can be generated for:

  • Hours worked
  • Target hours exceptions
  • Where employees have worked their default shift
  • Worked unauthorised overtime
  • Worked on a public holiday


Why not set the system to warn you of the expiration employees’ First Aid certificate? Or email each team leader a report of all employees who clocked in late today at the start of the shift.

Produce a scheduled report for your HR department to identify booked sicknesses or get a summary of holidays booked for the current or upcoming  timeframes.

You can also set the system to remind you of the daylight saving changes that take place in March and October.