Focus Lite Employee Time Clock Software

A complete solution for SMEs looking to manage staff attendance for export to directly payroll

Focus Lite Packages

Focus Lite is time clock software for small to medium sized businesses (SMEs).  Available as a package with the clocking terminal of your choice, Focus Lite enables organisations to save time by tracking absence, lateness and managing payroll more efficiently.

Save money by reducing the overheads of time lost.

Key Benefits

Calculate Hours, Breaks and Overtime

Integrate with many Payroll packages or export to Excel

Schedule automatic clocking downloads up to 10 times a day

Manage Absence and Lateness

View Workforce Availability and Calendar

Fire Roll Call

Core Reporting Features

Upgrade to Focus Pro at any time

Focus Lite Features

Calculate Hours, Breaks, Rounding & Overtime

Allow the Focus Lite time clock software to automatically calculate the hours an employee should be paid and at which rate by configuring shift rules. Focus Lite provides a easy to use and flexible solution for calculating when somebody is eligible for basic pay and overtime and allows the user to configure grace periods, rounding rules and breaks. Timesheets can be edited to add clockings and adjust time accrued and individual user access rights can be configured to restrict or allow access to specific groups of employees or areas of the system. An audit log records all actions and events.

A screenshot of an employee timesheet from the Focus Lite time and attendance system

Integrate with Payroll or Export to Excel

Speed up payday by exporting hours directly out of the Focus Lite time clock software into a range of payroll software packages including Sage Payroll Professional, Sage Micropay, Iris, Quantum, Thesaurus and Earnie. Alternatively, export to MS Excel to manipulate data for your own purposes.

Detail and summary payroll reports are available to allow you to manually control your payroll if required.

A screenshot of an employee lateness report from the Focus Lite time and attendance system

Manage Absence & Lateness

Decide which absence reasons you wish to record, including holidays and sickness, using the absence definition facility. Pre or post-book absences on the timesheet and review those absences using the Absence and Absence Period reports. The Focus Lite time clock software automatically tracks absence where an employee was expected to work but did not clock for the day – this is highlighted on the timesheet.

Track lateness using the Lateness report and other infringements such as break overrun using the Timesheets and Infringements report.

View Availability and Calendar

Pre-booked absences can be viewed using the Employee’s Calendar or Availability screen. You can view absences for groups of employees with printable reports and export to Excel. Absence definitions are displayed in the defined colours and are selectable. Because all absences are displayed, availability for any day is easy to calculate. It is particularly useful when deciding to allow or disallow holiday as you can see the coverage for any particular day. NOTE: The Availability and Calendar screens in Focus Lite are view only. For full editable functionality, you will require Focus Pro.

Schedule Clockings Download

Schedule up to 10 times per day to download your clockings data from your clocking terminals. Alternatively, you can manually download the latest clocking data when required using an easy download button. For near-real-time downloads upgrade to Focus Pro.

View who’s currently clocked in based upon the last downloaded data using the Watch window.

Fire Roll Call

Generate a fire evacuation report to multiple pre-defined printers from a one-click button within the software or a shortcut on your desktop.

Focus Pro & Focus Enterprise

When your business grows, Focus grows with you. Focus Lite can be upgraded to these versions at any time.