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Focus Pro

Employee Attendance Software designed to:

  • Capture Hours Worked at Basic and Premium Rates
  • Calculate Bonuses, Break deductions and implement your shift rules
  • Integrate with Payroll Packages – Sage, Iris, Earnie and others
  • Monitor Attendance & Absence – Sickness, Holidays & Lateness
  • Rota Staff according to Business Demand
  • Fire Roll Call
  • Measure and anticipate costs through Management Reports
  • Record HR Information
  • Flexitime and Annualised Hours Management
  • Access Control
  • Web Module
  • UK Border Agency Attendance Monitoring
  • Ensure compliance with the Working Time Directive

Find out more about our employee attendance software options. Choose from Focus Lite, Focus Pro or Focus Enterprise. Our expert team will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with all the information your need to help make your attendance software decisions. Get your employee attendance software in check with Egress Systems.

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"Without question the system has saved us both time and money, as well as making the overall business more efficient the savings as a result of implementing annualised hours has exceeded our expectation."

Paul McCourt, Systems Manager - Andrew Watt Ltd.

Call now for EXPERT ADVICE 0115 931 4007 or ask a question here ...



The Focus Pro employee attendance software offers a wealth of functionality and is available with a range of clocking terminal options. Originally designed for managing employee time in businesses such as factories, offices and hotels, the flexibility of the product also make it suitable for tracking attendance in schools, colleges and clubs. The term ’employee’ can be substituted for ‘student’, ‘club member’ or whatever you require. Take a look at some of the features below.

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Calculate Hours Worked, Overtime & Bonuses


Eliminate the effort of adding up hours manually by allowing Focus Pro to automatically calculate the hours an employee should be paid and at which rate by configuring shift rules.

Focus provides an extremely flexible solution for calculating when somebody is eligible for basic pay, overtime and bonuses and allows the user to configure grace periods, rounding rules, breaks and more. Focus Pro can accommodate the shift patterns and rules of most organisations as standard but in the event your organisation requires something unique we can often write customised scripts to meet those needs.

Fully editable timesheet’s allow you (and other managers and supervisors) to amend or add clocking’s and adjust time accrued. User access to the software can be configured to restrict or allow access to specific groups of employees and determine what actions each user can take. A full audit log records all actions and events.

Integrate with Payroll Packages – Sage, Iris, Earnie and others


Speed up pay day by exporting hours directly out of Focus into your payroll package. Export formats are current available for Sage Payroll Professional, Sage Micropay, Iris, Earnie, Pegasus and Quantum and we’re always happy to add more on request.

Alternatively export to PDF, CSV or MS Excel to manipulate data for your own purposes.

A range of detailed and summary payroll reports are available to allow you to manually control your payroll if required.

Absence Management – Sickness, Holidays & Lateness


The absence management features of the software allow you to configure an unlimited number of absence reasons that can be used to record any type of absence you require from Dentist Appointments to Paternity Leave.

Pre or post-book absences using the Employee’s Calendar or workforce availability screen which allows you to view absences for groups of employees with statistics and printable reports.

Report on any type of absence using the Absence Period report.

Advanced holiday functionality allows you to define holiday entitlement in days or hours which can be either a fixed allowance or accrued based upon the amount of time worked. The system caters for any holiday year and allows for adjustments and carryover of end of year balances if required. Full reporting of current balances is available with the Holidays report.

Focus automatically tracks absence where an employee was expected to work but did not clock for the day – this is highlighted in the Exceptions facility. The Exceptions facility also allows you to manage exceptions for unauthorised overtime, an employee’s failure to work the target hours for the shift, missing clocking’s, worked bank holidays and more.

Track lateness and other infringements such as break overrun using the timesheet’s and Infringements Report.

Fire Roll Call


Generate a fire evacuation report to multiple pre-defined printers from a one-click button within the employee attendance software or a shortcut on your desktop.

The range of HRX proximity clocking terminals available with Focus Pro can also automatically send a fire evacuation report to a serial printer when the fire alarm sounds if connected to your fire alarm panel.

The Watch Window within the employee attendance software provides you with a real-time view of who is currently clocked in and the Who’s In report allows you to identify who was in at any specific time and date in the past.

Focus Pro Fire Alarm Reporting for more information on this feature.

Management Reports


A range of reports are available to help managers and senior members of staff monitor staff and departmental performance, review compliance, plan budgets and more.

The Bradford Factor report highlights employees with disruptive patterns of absence based upon the well known formula:

O x O x D = Bradford Factor


O is the number of occasions of absence across the period being reviewed and
D is the number of days of absence.

The formula is based upon the principle that lots of individual days of sickness are more disruptive to a business than a long stretch of absence for the same number of days because ad hoc days off are more difficult to plan for and manage. A high Bradford Factor score will identify an individual whose absence record should be reviewed.

The Working Time Regulation report helps you to keep compliant by ensuring that your employees do not exceed on average the maximum number of working hours per week permitted by the European Working Time Directive (currently 48 hours over 7 days as an average over 17 working weeks). For more information see the website of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

The Cost Variance report provides details of the number of hours planned for each employee (and the associated costs if an employee’s hourly rate has been recorded) and the actual hours worked during the same period. The variance between the planned and actual figures is calculated.

Textual and graphical reports are also available for weekly totals, group totals, summaries by day and more.

HR Information


Record a range of HR information including the employee’s address, telephone number, NI number, dates etc.

Focus Pro allows users to create their own fields to build up a repository of HR information. Users can define their own text, numeric and date fields to be added to the employee details screen and create drop-down selection list fields. It’s also possible to add fields that point to external documents such as a contract, scanned certificate or image such as a photograph.

The Memo feature allows users to create date stamped public or private memos to record any information they wish. Many customers use the memos to record disciplinary information to provide a historical record of actions taken.

All employee details recorded, including any new fields added by the user, are available in the Employee’s report. This report can be customised to show the information required and saved as a template for future use. You might, for example, require a list of addresses for all employees who started in the last three months who work in the Bakery department or you might wish to generate a report of all employees with over 10 years service.

Employee Rota


For industries or departments that don’t have a fixed shift pattern you may wish to use Focus Pro’s Employee Rota software feature for planning shifts. The rota displays the planned hours and costs on a daily and employee basis allowing you to carefully control budgets or plan staff attendance according to need. The employee rota software is particularly popular in the Hotel and Care Home industries but is used by a wide variety of organisations where employees work variable shifts.

Flexitime and Annualised Hours Management


Focus Pro offers a Flexitime / annualised hours management feature for employees who have some flexibility about when they choose to work their hours. This feature can be combined with shift rules to track employee attendance during core hours and on specific days of the week if required. Reports are available to report on the balances of each flexitime period and in detail for each day.

Access Control


When combined with the HRX5000 proximity clocking terminal Focus offers access control functionality to control doors, gates, turnstiles etc. Configure rules to determine which employees can gain access at each door/gate and the days and times they are permitted access.

Functionality is also available to control factory bells.


Focus Pro offers a comprehensive paperless time and attendance reporting suite – although you can print the reports if you want to!

All of the reports available with Focus Lite are also available as part of the Focus Pro software.

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Reports for Managing Employee Attendance Data

Cost Variance Report


The cost variance report shows how employees’ actually work compares to planned working time set up on the Rota.

Planned hours and costs are shown for each employee for the date range selected and compared against the actual hours worked with the difference calculated.

Advanced Employee Timesheet Reports


Quickly identify how much time employees have worked on each day of the week based upon the attendance data collected from their clocking’s.

The Summary by Day timesheet report shows daily totals for each employee by day with a weekly total.

The Detail by Day timesheet report shows in and out clocking’s for each day, daily totals and a weekly total for each employee.

Total Hours by Week Reports


The total hours by week textual report shows totals by rate and in two sum columns for each week. The totals are for all employees combined or for selected groups of employees.


The area chart and bar graph options show weekly totals by rate across a selected period of time. The data can be shown in hours or percentages.

Memo Report


Extract any memos recorded against individual employees. The memo report assists you in managing employee activity data of your choice such as disciplinary information, training records or accidents at work.

Depending upon the access rights of the user memos public or private memos can be selected.

Managing Holiday Allowances

Holiday Report


Available as an alternative to the absence period report.

The Holiday Report provides details of an employee’s holiday allowance (standard allowance plus extra days or hours), the number of public holidays booked in an employee’s calendar, holidays taken, holidays booked and the balance of holidays remaining.

Export to your Payroll Package – Sage, Iris, Earnie, Quantum, Thesaurus

Payroll Extract


Export data to payroll into Sage, Sage Micropay, Iris, Earnie, Quantum & Thesaurus payroll packages.

New payroll package extract formats can be added on request.

Ensure Compliance with the Working Time Regulation

Working Time Regulation Report


This report generates statistics required to satisfy the Average Hours Worked requirements of the Working Time Regulations.

The summary report shows for each employee, the number of hours worked, and the calculated average for a selected period of time.

The detail report shows the number of hours worked by an employee each day within the period, days excluded from the calculation and days drawn into the calculation to replace excluded days.

Comply with Health and Safety Guidelines for Fire Evacuation

Who’s In Report / Fire Alarm Report


Discover who’s clocked in now or who was clocked in at a specific date and time in the past.

A fire alarm report is also available that can be downloaded directly from the clocking terminal (HRX proximity terminals only) or automatically sent directly to a printer when the fire alarm is triggered.

Enforce your Bradford Factor Policy


It has been recognised as a result of research at Bradford University that several short periods of absence are more disruptive than one long period, given the same number of total days absent. The Bradford Factor is a method of quantifying the disruption caused by a pattern of absence.

The definition of the Bradford Factor is:

S x S x D = Bradford Factor

Where: S is the number of occasions of absence in a period and

D is the total number of days absence in the period.

This report uses the Bradford Factor formula to produce a score for each employee across a selected period of time. Focus allows you to nominate Sick Paid and/or Sick Unpaid as the absence types for Bradford Factor Analysis.

Incorporate the Bradford Factor report into your organisation’s Bradford Factor policy.


Focus Pro Employee Attendance Software offers advanced absence monitoring tools and workforce rostering features and includes HR solutions for Human Resource professionals. Focus Pro includes all of the functionality of the Focus Lite Time Clock Software plus:

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Absence Monitoring Tools & Attendance Management

Absence Calendar


  • 13 months to a view.
  • View all types of absence for an individual employee.
  • Define an unlimited number of customisable absence reasons.
  • Book holidays and other absences (for an individual or groups)
  • View holiday allowance & holidays taken, booked and available.
  • View total number of sick days.
  • Easily see patterns of behaviour.
  • Select which absence types are displayed.
  • Quick-report buttons for textual and graphical absence reports.

Workforce Availability Screen


  • View absences for groups of employees across a month.
  • See the number of employees available on each day.
  • Graphical bar chart showing fluctuating availability or absences.
  • Block book holidays and other absences.
  • Fully colour-coded key for easy identification.
  • Select which absence types are displayed.
  • Report by date, week or month.

Exceptions Facility


  • Quickly identify unauthorised absences, failure to meet target hours, worked bank holidays, missing clocking’s and unauthorised overtime.
  • Select data by date range and see data by group and employee.
  • Clicking on the exception takes you to directly to the relevant timesheet.
  • Manage attendance tracking as efficiently as possible.

Workforce Rostering

As an alternative to using the Working Schedule (see Focus Lite Screenshots) Focus Pro allows you to plan work by rota. Ideal for planning your workforce around seasonal fluctuations. Suitable for hotel, care home and retail rostering in fact any employee rostering situation.

Employee Rota


  • Plan shifts by group, department or area.
  • Automatically calculates total planned hours and total planned cost.
  • Plan around pre-booked holidays and other absences.
  • Copy and paste facilities for quick rota planning.
  • Quick-report button for printing off planned rota (colour or mono).

Flexitime & Annualised Hours



  • Define rules to determine flexitime / annualised hours arrangements.
  • Determine the period to be monitored in weeks or months.
  • Decide what data is shown on the timesheet.
  • Set minimum and maximum amounts to carry over into the next period along with maximum balances.

Flexitime on the Timesheet


When flexitime is enabled for an employee additional information is shown on the timesheet:

  • An extra information box appears at the top of the timesheet window containing:
    • Start and end balances for whole flexitime period
    • Start and end balances for current week
    • Amount added to or deducted from balance this week
  • Additional columns appear on the timesheet showing:
    • The number of hours expected to be worked by the employee for this shift
    • The difference between the number of hours worked and that expected
    • The flexitime balance for the day.

Flexitime Reports



  • Flexitime Period report available in summary or detail formats.
  • The summary report shows rate totals and flexitime balances, by employee, for the flexitime period selected.
  • The detail report shows clockings by day with rate totals and flexitime balances for the selected date range. There is also a flexitime period summary for hours and annual leave.
  • The Flexitime Balance report provides a summary of the flexitime balance for each employee by week or month.

Employee HR Data

Additional Employee Details


A wide range of additional data can be stored about the employee including:

  • Full contact details
  • Important dates
  • Holiday information (in days or hours)

User Defined Fields


  • Focus Pro allows you to define an unlimited number of user defined fields related to the employee which can hold any information you require.
  • Fields may be text, number, date or a drop-down selection allowing you additional flexibility.
  • HR professionals will also appreciate the ability to attach links to documents of their choice such as contracts of employee, employee pictures, disciplinary records or whatever is required.

Memo Facility


  • Memo any information you wish against an employee.
  • Memos can be public (i.e. visible to all users) or private (visible to owner and administrators only).

Other Features

Watch Window


  • Identify who’s clocked on in real-time.
  • Select employees by group.
  • Sort by columns.
  • Clear colour coded status.

Advanced Rules


In addition to the daily (shift) rule features available with Focus Lite, Focus Pro also offers:

  • Additional break options.
  • Bonus options.
  • Personalised scripted rule (tailored by our programmers to suit your company’s specific needs).
  • Pay rate references (for exporting to Sage).


Our Focus Pro employee attendance software tour is divided into ten bite sized chunks, to make them easier to digest and to skip between topics. The tour by no means covers everything. It is aimed at providing a flavour of how Focus Pro works.

Click on the videos below to work through each part of the tour. Alternatively, visit our YouTube channel and view them there.

Part 1: Groups, Timesheet and Daily Rules

Part 2: Work Schedules

Part 3: Rota

Part 4: Employee Details

Part 5: Absences, Calendar and Availability

Part 6: Timesheets

Part 7: Exceptions

Part 8: Watch, Users and Fire Alarm

Part 9: Reports 1

Part 10: Reports 2


Three modular add-ons are currently available for use with Focus Pro.

Focus Attendance Board

fab_smlThe Focus Attendance Board (FAB) provides an accurate picture of current attendance at your organisation. A highly configurable browser based module, the FAB can be made available to all PC users within your organisation and displayed on monitors in your reception, common break-out areas or wherever attendance information would be useful.

Click here for more information on the Focus Attendance Board (FAB)

Focus Self Service

self_geolocationFocus Self Service is a web application to enable employees and supervisors to clock in from their PC, smart phone or tablet and access personal or group level timesheet and calendar information.  Track PC clockings via GPS location technology, book holiday requests and enable supervisors to see team information even when working from home.

Click here for more information on Focus Self Service


Focus Workflows

wflow_screen2_smlFocus Workflows is a powerful add on module for your Focus Time & Attendance system. Build a workflow of issues requiring action for each Focus user and e-mail or print detailed reports according to a schedule relevant to your business.


Click here for more information on Focus Workflows