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New Features and Tools

New Feature:  Prevent a Focus User from editing their own timesheet

Prevent a Focus User from editing their own timesheet

This useful feature available in Focus Pro/Enterprise version 3.416 can be found in the User Setup screen. Click on Add Link to link the currently selected user with their employee record.

New Feature: Mandatory comment on Absence Reason edit

Mandatory comment on Absence Reason edit

This optional absence reason requirement can be easily turned on or off for each absence reason using a tick-box.

New Tool: BiostationCommandLine

BiostationCommandLine is designed to be an engineer’s utility for use with Suprema V2 terminals.

It allows text-based commands to be sent directly to a specific V2 terminal (e.g. Biostation2, Biostation A2, FaceStation2 etc.).

BiostationCommandLine allows most functions available within the terminal menu to be performed. Functions include Set Date Format, Upload background image, clear log file, Set up Function keys, modify IP details and many others.

We already use BiostationCommandLine in-house to help configure customer’s configuration preferences to new clocking terminals.

It is also proving to be useful for troubleshooting. It is a small installation and is often a more practical option than installing Biostar2 if you don’t need all the advanced features of Biostar2.

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