Food Production

Time & Attendance Solutions

Time & Attendance for Food Production

Biometric clocking terminals are ideal for food production sites since they eliminate the need for cards or fobs which could contaminate the food production process. Face recognition terminals can be enabled in touch-free mode for extra hygiene and convenience, whilst some of our fingerprint terminals are suitable for wash-down and clean areas with their IP65 or IP67 rated casing.

Suprema FaceLite Clocking in Machine

Alongside clocking terminals, our time and attendance software solutions offer key features that are useful for food manufacturers including:

  • Easy reoccurring shift patterns
  • Bespoke shift rules
  • Cost centre capture, for identifying costs in different departments or production lines
  • Integrated access control
  • Current attendance information
  • Absence management including sickness and holidays
  • Fast traceability – identify who was onsite and when

Key Benefits

Contact free face recognition

Waterproof terminals suitable for wash-down areas

Easily manage rosters or reoccuring shift patterns

Manage labour costs

Define bespoke shift rules

Automatically record attendance bonuses

Integrate with access control

Manage sickness and absence

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