Website Cookies

A cookie is a small file containing an identifier, such as a string of numbers or letters, which are automatically downloaded to your browser by a web server when you visit a website. The identifier is then sent back to the server each time the browser requests a page from the server. Cookies are an important tool used by websites as they effectively act as a memory by allowing websites to recognise a browser and remember what it has done in the past.

Cookies perform a lot of different functions and can be used differently depending on the website you visit. Generally, their main purpose is to improve a user’s experience by remembering your preferences or helping you navigate between pages on the website. Cookies are also used for marketing purposes by ensuring adverts you see online are related to your interests.

If you would like to find out more information about cookies you can visit the following websites; and

Why do Egress Systems Use Cookies?

We want to provide you with the best experience possible when using our website, and cookies help us achieve this.

What Cookies do Egress Systems Use?

Egress Systems use a category of Cookie known as Analytical Cookies;

This type of cookie collects anonymous information on the pages you visit.

These cookies gather information on how visitors use a website, for example, which pages are most popular or when error messages are displayed. These cookies do not collect any information that identifies a visitor. All information collected is anonymous and is purely used to improve how a website works.

Not Accepting Cookies or Requesting Cookies be Disabled after Acceptance

You do not have to accept cookies from Egress Systems. It is entirely down to the user to determine how they wish to manage their web browsing experience.

Once you have provided us with consent to use cookies, you may, of course, change your mind in which case you entitled to withdraw consent at any time.

All major browsers allow you to amend your cookie options or simply disallow them altogether. You can usually find out how to this in the help menu of your browser. The following website provides information for all recent versions of popular browsers used on the market today.