Timesheet Management Software

Our time management and attendance solutions deliver clear and comprehensive timesheets, ready for export to payroll.

Flexible Timesheet Management Software

Whether you call them timesheets or timecards, they are the heart of any time and attendance system. On a basic level, timesheets are a weekly display of the recorded attendance of your employees. The Focus timesheet takes the raw clocking data and automatically applies your specific rules to deliver a timesheet ready for export to payroll.

Automatically applied rules make timesheet management transparent, fair and consistent whilst saving you hours of labour.

Seamless HR System Integration

Our timesheet management software interfaces with several of the most popular HR packages, including Iris Cascade HR, Sage HR (formally known as Cake HR), XCD HR and Breathe HR. Should you need an integration with a different human resources software package then our team can develop this for you.

A screenshot of Timesheet Managment functionality from the Focus Time and Attendance Software

Key Benefits

Annualised hours, flexitime and time-in-lieu options

Up to three levels of Timesheet approval hierarchy

Export to a wide range of payroll packages

Determine overtime and bonuses

Easy identification of exceptions and infringements

Keep track of holidays, including Self Service holiday requests

Record sickness and unlimited absence types

Determine hours based upon rostered shifts

Timesheet Management Software for Businesses of All Sizes

Our employee timesheet software treats late or early attendance the way you require, whether that’s rounding time, allowing a period of grace for lateness or paying (or not paying) pre-shift overtime. Saving you time and your organisation money. Unauthorised absences are automatically identified because Focus knows when each employee is due to work with the Work Schedule and Rota features.

Overtime and bonuses are calculated automatically, and we’re confident that you can challenge Focus to accommodate your specific or complex rules. Our experienced team of trainers and support staff guide you through the process of set-up and the management features, so you’re confident from the moment you start using the Focus software.

A Timesheet Management summary report from Focus.net

Of course, sometimes employees forget to clock or an ad-hoc adjustment is required. That’s where the Focus timesheet management solution improves upon other time and attendance systems because it’s fully editable, intuitive and easy to change. Quickly and easily add or amend clocked times and accrued hours at any rate.

All amendments to the timesheet software are fully audited and reversible.

User profiles allow you to carefully control which members of staff can view or amend various elements of the timesheet so that you need not fear fraudulent or unscrupulous actions. You can even prevent users from amending their own timesheet

The exceptions features allows you to quickly and easily identify missing clockings, where employees have worked on their holiday, have unauthorised overtime or if they’ve not met their target hours. Absences such as sickness and holidays automatically populate the timesheet software from the calendar.


  • "Without question the system has saved us both time and money, as well as making the overall business more efficient the savings as a result of implementing annualised hours has exceeded our expectation."

  • "The biometric systems provided by Egress/Focus saves ours business time and effort collating hours for payroll purposes every week."

The Benefits of Timesheet Management Software

As businesses grow, one of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks that many face is managing and maintaining accurate attendance records. Small companies often still rely on paper-based systems or Excel spreadsheets. Whilst adequate for small teams, once your workforce starts to grow, these manual techniques for handling employee timesheets can quickly become too much to maintain. Inputting errors begin to creep in, which can cause payroll errors, decreased productivity and disgruntled staff.

Time tracking software is a simple but effective way to automate employee attendance tracking. Using raw clocking data and overlaying rules specific to your business, you create a timesheet system that is both accurate and fair.

The timesheet data can then be fed directly to your payroll system, ensuring accuracy.

The Key Benefits of Time Tracking Software

1. Reduced Administration

Managing timesheets can be a full-time job. Time tracking, managing holidays, dealing with unexpected absences, logging overtime, and recording lateness are all critical elements of accurate timesheets. Keeping on top of all the data is very labour intensive.

Timesheet software automates this information by logging the raw data and applying logic based on the rules you have entered. For example, if you want to reward employees for pre or post-shift overtime, rules can be created to track this activity. Similarly, lateness and unauthorised absence are automatically logged as the software knows when each employee is due to work.

A screenshot of an employee profile from the Focus Time and Attendance Software

2. Monitor Absences

With efficient time tracking software, absences are automatically identified because Focus knows when each employee is due to work with the Work Schedule and Rota features. Unauthorised absences can be flagged to managers allowing them to identify issues quickly with team members and take the appropriate actions.

Absence trends within teams or departments can also be easily highlighted. This may point to wider issues such as low morale and low job satisfaction with an area of the business. This type of data may go unnoticed with a manual system, but timesheet software provides automated reporting that enables senior managers to see issues quickly.

3. Simple Data Retrieval

Anyone who’s ever been asked to find historical information in a paper-based timesheet system will know that it is far from a quick process. Even the most organised and well-managed system still requires vast amounts of files, folders and, in some cases, off-site storage.

With Focus timesheet management software, all the information you need is available at the touch of a button.

4. Enhanced Accuracy

Manual timesheet systems are prone to errors as they rely on human input to record the information accurately. Even minor errors can lead to broader issues, such as inaccurate payroll submissions and unhappy, unproductive staff.

With our employee timesheet software, you can be confident that the data is correct. If manual intervention is needed, the Focus time tracking software is fully editable, intuitive, and easy to change. All amendments to the timesheet are fully audited and reversible.