Bonuses & Overtime Tracking Software

Automate bonus and overtime tracking for your teams’ unique circumstances. Our consultants take time to absorb knowledge about your business to prepare the best possible solution

Bonus and Overtime Tracking Software

Bonuses and overtime tracking sound simple but the subtle variations from business to business mean that there are literally thousands of variations.

Our time and attendance solutions are built around flexibility rather than a one size fits all approach. Of course, there are standard options allowing you to determine overtime rates by time of day or day of the week; you can accrue overtime on a weekly basis after contractual hours have been worked or after a number of hours have been worked in the day. These are common options that are easy to select and can vary by shift.

A screenshot of Bonues and Overtime Tracking functionality from the Focus Time and Attendance Software

Adhoc Overtime Tracking Solutions

But what if your organisation does something slightly different?

Maybe you don’t allow overtime if an employee has a day of sickness in the last 14 days or the first couple of hours overtime is guaranteed but approval is required for anything more. We can cater for these scenarios are many more with uniquely scripted rules written by our team in response to your specific requirements.

Overtime approval, attendance bonuses, Adhoc bonuses and allowances and all available plus multiple overtime and bonus rates can be configured and exported to your payroll package.

Key Benefits

Overtime approval options

Multiple overtime rates

Bespoke rules for overtime and bonuses


  • Focus Time & Attendance has allowed us the flexibility of cross site/cost centre working while the weekly rules accurately calculate required overtime premiums, hourly paid enhancements, break times & track absences.