Legacy Terminal Support

Enhance Your Time and Attendance Software Without the Cost of Upgrading Your Trusted Terminals

Egress Systems are able to provide upgrades to your time and attendance software without the inconvience and expense of also updating your existing hardware infrastructure. Our software can integrate with terminals manufactured by ZKTeco, Suprema and the Handpunch range of biometric hand readers.

If your business is already using any of the terminals in our current range or from the legacy terminals shown below, then we can enhance your time and attandance capabilities with our most advanced Focus software.

To discuss your requirements, simply contact our team who will be happy to assist.

Why Upgrade Your Software

Upgrading your time and attendance software to advanced modern systems, such as Focus.net, brings significant advantages.

It enhances accuracy in recording work hours, minimising errors that can lead to payroll discrepancies. Such improvements not only streamline administrative tasks but also ensure compliance with employment laws, safeguarding against potential legal issues.

Focus.net software also offers integration capabilities, allowing it to work in concert with your existing HR and payroll systems, thereby boosting overall efficiency.

The ability to access the system remotely caters to the needs of a flexible workforce, supporting various working patterns and remote working scenarios. Real-time analytics provide valuable insights into workforce productivity, enabling more informed decision-making.

The latest Focus software also provides stronger data security measures, protecting sensitive employee information.

By updating your time and attendance software, you’re investing in a more efficient, compliant, and flexible operational framework, which can significantly enhance business performance and employee satisfaction.

Legacy Terminals We Can Support

ZK VF380 Clocking In Machiine

ZK Tech VF380 Face Recognition Terminal

The ZK Tech VF380 face recognition terminal incorporates time & attendance and access control features enabling the control of electric locks, press to exit buttons, door sensors and alarms. Use the terminal for clocking with optional activity/work code/cost centre capture. Integrate with the Focus time & attendance software for in-depth reporting on time allocation.


HandPunch Hand Scanners

The HandPunch 1000 & HandPunch 3000 biometric hand readers were manufactured by Ingersol Rand. They have sold in large numbers throughout the world, including major UK high street retail chains, hotels, factories, building contractor sites and offices.

Biometric Hand Reader HandPunch 1000
Suprema FaceLite Clocking in Machine

Suprema FaceLite

Suprema’s FaceLite face recognition terminal offers excellent facial recognition in a compact design. Suitable for indoor installation in time and attendance and access control implementations, the FaceLite is an excellent choice for organisations seeking high-end biometric technology at an affordable price.

Suprema BioStation 2

The BioStation 2 offers excellent performance with its instant fingerprint authentication and rapid data transfer making it ideal for larger organisations handling high volumes of clocking data. Its beautiful toughen glass exterior ensures that the terminal is suitable for high-end installations such as hotels, offices and reception areas where an attractive unit is required.

Suprema BioStation2 Fingerprint Clocking Terminal