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Suprema BioStation A2 Fingerprint Terminal

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Suprema BioStation A2 Fingerprint Terminal

Suprema BioStation A2 Fingerprint Terminal

The Suprema BioStation A2 fingerprint terminal is the most advanced fingerprint access control and time attendance terminal in Suprema’s range.  It features their next-generation biometric technology and security platform recently released to market.

The BioStation A2 provides class-leading performance through world-beating ID matching and uncompromising security. The terminal boasts extremely high levels of fingerprint matching accuracy along with ease of use. Preloaded with BioStar 2, the BioStation A2 operates as a web server which offers extra flexibility in system design for both large and small sites. Its attractive design lends itself to installation in office environments, where a neat solution is required.

The Suprema BioStation A2 is compatible with the Focus time and attendance software range and suitable for clocking and access control applications.

Focus Enterprise includes automated biometric template propagation. This allows new biometric enrolments performed at a Suprema terminal to be automatically received, saved within the Focus database and then sent to other Suprema devices. Biometric templates can also be managed manually.

Now enhanced with cost centre / activity code selection options exclusively for Egress Systems you can smoothly integrate the BioStation A2 terminal with the Focus cost centre reporting features.

Key Benefits

  • World’s Fastest Fingerprint Matching Performance – up to 150,000 matches per second

  • Maximum 500,000 users

  • Improved optical sensor and algorithm

  • 5” IPS LCD touchscreen with reinforced glass front

  • 2MP wide-angle camera for clear face image logs

  • Variety of communication options: TCP/IP, Wi-Fi and PoE

  • Use with USB memory stick or SD card for manual downloads

  • Huge log capacity of 5 million text logs or 50,000 image logs

Suprema BioStation A2 Fingerprint Terminal- Technical Specification

Up to 500,000 users (1:1)

Up to 10 fingerprint templates per user

Up to 5,000,000 log records

CPU: 1.0 GHz Quad Core

Memory: 8GB Flash + 1GB RAM

Identification Speed: 150,000 matches in 1 second

13.56Mhz MIFARE, MIFARE Plus Card Reader

Authentication: Finger / PIN / Card

Network Interface: TCP/IP, RS485

2 inputs for exit switch and door sensor

2 internal relays

5” color TFT LCD display

Power: 12v DC

Operating Temperature: – 20℃ to 50℃

Size: 155mm × 155mm × 40mm (W × H × D)


    BioStation A2 Unboxing & Features


    BioStation A2 Menu Configuration


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