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Time & Attendance for Laundry Services

The Focus Time and Attendance system is highly popular with businesses in the laundry sector with our customers representing laundries specialising in NHS, airline, workwear and hotel contracts. NHS contracts are a particular challenge because staff often TUPE transfer out of the NHS into a laundry business and pay is then subject to NHS Terms and Conditions of Service (Agenda for Change) which Focus Enterprise can accommodate with scripted rules.

Laundries tend to have high staffing levels with employees working shifts 24 hours a day often in a predictable recurring working pattern with flexible shift swapping. The Focus Work Schedule caters for both these scenarios with ease.

Buddy clocking can be a persistent problem with a large workforce so biometric clocking terminals are ideal.

We can offer:

  • A range of high capacity, high performance biometric terminals
  • Automatic transfer of enrolment records between terminals
  • Multi-location on-site hardware support services
FaceStation2 Facial Recognition Clocking in Machine

Key Benefits

Focus Attendance Board – rolling shift attendance display

Work Schedules for recurring working patterns

Easy shift swapping

Access control integration

Automated fire alarm muster reporting

Export to payroll

Shift bonuses, night shifts, overtime

Bespoke scripted rules


  • By implementing Focus, we have been able to improve pay accuracy and reduce time and cost of fixing payroll errors.

  • Focus Time & Attendance has allowed us the flexibility of cross site/cost centre working while the weekly rules accurately calculate required overtime premiums, hourly paid enhancements, break times & track absences.

  • From the very first interaction at the system demonstration, Egress System have supported us on a one to one basis with the system implementation and then supporting with ongoing configurations, including rolling Focus out to the group. `

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