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Suprema BioEntry P2 Fingerprint Terminal

Suprema BioEntry P2 Fingerprint Terminal

BioEntry P2 Fingerprint Terminal

The BioEntry P2 is a fingerprint terminal for internal access control implementations where biometric entry control is required but extreme conditions are not prevalent. Ideal for smart office and dust free industrial environments, the BioEntry P2’s slimline design sits smartly on a mullion or in tight space around the door frame. For more challenging environments and external applications consider the BioEntry W2.

The BioEntry P2 incorporates a powerful processor and the OP6 optical fingerprint sensor providing exceptional matching speeds. Matching a fingerprint to up to 10,000 enrolled fingerprints in under 1 second the BioEntry P2 is suitable for large and small organisations alike.

Key Benefits

  • Slimline sleek design suitable for mullion mounting

  • Super fast fingerprint matching speeds

  • High capacity for up to 10,000 fingers

  • Integrated RFID reader supporting multiple proximity technologies

  • Compatible with other Suprema fingerprint terminals

  • Storage for 1 million text logs

  • Record up to 10 fingerprints per user

  • High quality sound and multi-colour LED indicator

Suprema BioEntry P2 Fingerprint Terminal - Technical Specification

Optical Sensor (OP6)

1.0 GHz CPU

8GB Flash + 64 MB RAM Memory

10,000 (1:1), 10,000(1:N) Max Users

1,000,000 Max Text Logs

Multi-colour LED

Multi-sound buzzer

Operating temperature of -20˚C to +50˚C

Operating humidity of 0% to 80%

Size: 50 x 164 x 37.5 (w x h x d)

Power: 12V DC

1 Relay

Network Interface: TCP/IP, RS485, Weigand

RFID options: 125kHz EM & 13.56MHz MIFARE, MIFARE Plus