Suprema FaceStation 2 Face Recognition Terminal

FaceStation2 Clocking In Machine

Suprema FaceStation 2 Face Recognition Terminal

The Suprema FaceStation 2 face recognition terminal is a high-end terminal for Time & Attendance and Access Control applications.

Replacing the original FaceStation terminal, the FaceStation 2 offers vastly improved matching speeds for fast contactless clocking at 3000 matches per second. Perfect for eliminating queuing at the terminal during a shift change and ideal for large organisations.

Variable light conditions are also tackled with the terminal coping with a broad spectrum of brightness with an operating luminance of up to 25,000 lx.

The FaceStation 2 allows the enrolment of up to five different face templates per person.  Employees can be registered with and without glasses, piercings, headwear and different levels of beard growth ensuring consistent clocking day after day.

A workforce of variable heights are also catered for with a broad reading area plus an optional tilt bracket enables wheelchair users and children to use the device.

Face recognition devices are a highly suitable alternative to the HandPunch clocking style terminal (which is ideal for dirty, heavy-duty environments) because they offer contact-less clocking that isn’t dependent upon cleanliness and temperature.

Key Benefits

Enroll up to 5 different profiles per user

Capable of differentiating between twins & coping with Hijabs

Robust design suitable for challenging environments

Extremely fast operation of up to 3000 matches per second

High user capacity

Suitable for Time & Attendance and Access Control

Multiple communication options including TCP/IP and Wi-Fi

Broad height range of between 145cm and 210cm

Suprema FaceStation 2 Face Recognition Terminal – Technical Specification

Operating luminence of up to 25,000 lx

5,000,000 maximum text logs

3,000 users (1:N) – clock using face only

2 inputs and 1 relay for Access Control

30,000 users (1:1) – clock using RFID card + face

TCP/IP, optional Wi-Fi and RS485 communication options

4″ colour touchscreen

Operating Temperature: -20 to +50 celcius

Dimensions 141mm (W) x 164mm (H) x 125mm (D)

RFID reader – 125kHz EM & 13.56Mhz MIFARE, MIFARE Plus

50,000 maximum face logs

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