Time & Attendance Solutions

Time & Attendance for Manufacturing

A large proportion of our loyal customers are part of the UK’s strong manufacturing sector. We offer a range of solutions that include the flexibility that manufacturing operations require, saving time and offering greater clarity about time worked.

The manufacturing sector often favours biometric clocking solutions because of the elimination of buddy clocking and we offer a wide range of terminals suitable for different environments – from non-contact facial recognition to IP67 rated terminals protecting against dust and water ingress.


Popular software features include:

  • Focus Attendance Board – highlighting current attendance across manufacturing lines and shifts
  • Easy scheduling of recurring shift patterns
  • Flexible shift rules with bespoke elements for local requirements
  • Automated fire roll call
  • Easy integration into a range of payroll packages

Key Benefits

Wide range of biometric clocking terminals

Easy recurring shift scheduling

Flexible roster planning

Efficient staff management

Management reporting

Timesheet approvals

Integrated access control

Streamlined payroll integration


  • Focus Time and Attendance System helped us to change the way the payroll is processed in so many ways. We now have relevant people involved in managing and approving timesheets and have drastically reduced overall processing time.

  • Focus has also proven to be a very helpful tool to our supervisors, allowing them to manage their staff in a more efficient manner.