Higher Education

Time & Attendance for Support Staff

Time & Attendance for Higher Education Settings

Support staff in higher education establishments are often on moderately complex working patterns across a broad range of job roles, from catering departments, housekeeping teams, gardeners and senior support roles such as bursars. Consequently, the flexibility of our time and attendance systems is crucial in allowing us to accommodate contractual variety amongst workers. The timesheets produced are appropriate for each job role and hours can be tracked across departments and cost centres for financial reporting and export to payroll.

Contracts often vary between salaried and hourly paid with variable requirements including time-in-lieu, multiple overtime rates and rules or access control requirements.

We can offer:

  • Comprehensive training and support packages
  • Assistance with bespoke rule configuration
  • Interfacing with HR packages
  • Range of biometric and proximity clocking terminal options

Key Benefits

Tracking time accrued across multiple cost centres and departments

Time in lieu, annualised hours and flexitime options

Up to 40 timesheet rates

Multiple options for payroll reporting and export

Access control integration

Work Schedules for recurring working patterns

Flexible Rota planner & Editable Timesheets

Overtime approval and exception reporting


  • "Most of our departments have different working patterns but, with the help of the staff at Egress, we have been able to set up many different shifts, the complicated rota for our Porters, and to deduct appropriate lunchbreaks."

  • "For the first time all our Heads of Department are able to see the hours worked by their staff in a timely manner, enabling them to address any issues promptly and ensuring that any overtime worked is paid correctly."

  • "Egress have worked with our HR database suppliers to set up interfaces between the two systems so that we do not need to duplicate records of absences for sickness, holidays etc."

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