Fire Roll Call

Live Fire Roll Call provides real-time data directly to your smartphone, enabling you to count evacuees and quickly identify those yet to be checked off

A fire roll call system is a critical component in the safety protocols of any organisation, designed to ensure the safety and accountability of all individuals during fire emergencies. This system functions by providing a reliable and efficient method to account for employees, visitors, and personnel swiftly, thereby facilitating prompt evacuation and aiding in an effective emergency response.

Live Fire Roll Call uses real-time data directly from Focus to accurately show employee whereabouts. Employees can be marked as IN as soon as their presence has been logged on site (for example, from their use of Access Controlled doors/turnstile or clocking terminals data) rather than waiting for them to clock in. From within the Roll Call Monitor, accessible via a smartphone, you can then easily mark staff as present or absent.

Key Benefits

Automatic fire roll call reporting

Clear indication of personnel onsite

View on mobile device

Accurate reporting based on access control data

Muster group breakdown

Visitor system integration

A Fire Alarm Roll Call essentially serves as a ledger aimed at helping users keep track of employees during fire evacuation processes. Depending on your organisation’s scale and requirements, you might opt for a single Roll Call or multiple ones.

The Fire Alarm Roll Call functions as an immediate record, allowing those responsible for its management to verify who is present and who is absent. The Roll Call(s) each individual is authorised to execute will have been established by a System Administrator.

Roll call featues

Create a Roll Call and assign users who are allowed to run it.

Chose from specific locations within your business and select employees who have only clocked in at this location.

Roll Call Features 2
Roll Call Features

As soon as a Roll Call is started, information will appear in the Roll Call Monitor in real time.

Roll Calls should remain open on Users’ phones / tablets until the person responsible for the fire evacuation can confirm that all employees have been safely accounted for. Only then should the Roll Calls be closed. Roll Calls will then show on the Roll Call Monitor audit log as being finished.


  • I can’t think of another application I’ve used in the last 10 years that has been so reliable or required so little maintenance. If its functionality is what you’re looking for I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.