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Suprema FaceLite Face Recognition Terminal

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Suprema FaceLite Face Recognition Terminal

Suprema FaceLite Face Recognition Terminal

Suprema’s FaceLite face recognition terminal offers excellent facial recognition in a compact design.

The core features of the excellent FaceStation 2 terminal also feature in the FaceLite. These include the ability to enrol up to five facial images per user so that changes in facial hair, glasses or make-up won’t prevent smooth clocking. Operating in a wide range of lighting conditions – from 0 lux to 25,000 lux – you can be confident it will remain operational even when the lights are off.

The terminal is equipped with infra-red based technology to distinguish between a live face and a photograph giving you the confidence in employee verification that biometric technologies are supposed to provide. The FaceLite can identify a face in 1:n mode from amongst to 3,000 stored templates and can store up to 30,000 templates in total in verification (1:1) mode. Matching speeds are also outstanding, with matching achieved in under 1 second when searching amongst 3,000 faces.

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Suitable for indoor installation in time and attendance and access control implementations, the FaceLite is an excellent choice for organisations seeking high-end biometric technology at an affordable price.

With a smaller unit, there are a few compromises to be made over the FaceStation 2, as is to be expected. The display on the FaceLite is smaller at 2” compared to 4” and access to the menus is via four buttons rather than the sleek touch-screen and intuitive GUI offered on the FaceStation 2. The FaceLite has a broad height read range of between 145cm to 210cm but the FaceStation 2 also offers an optional bracket so that wheelchair users can be accommodated. Those limitations aside, the FaceLite still an excellent option for most settings.

Key Benefits

  • Compact design with fast matching performance

  • Performs in low and bright lighting conditions

  • Face template encryption

  • Live face detection with infra-red based technology to ignore fake faces

  • Suitable for time & attendance and access control

  • Enrol up to 5 face records per user

  • High capacity: enrol up to 30,000 face templates

  • Integrated RFID proximity reader

Suprema FaceLite Face Recognition Terminal - Technical Specification

Matching Speed: 1:3,000 match/sec

30,000 faces with 1:1 matching

3,000 faces with 1:n matching

5 million text logs

5 face templates per user

1.2GHz Quad Core CPU

8GB Flash + 1GB RAM Memory

Operating temperature of -20˚C to +50˚C

Operating humidity of 0% to 80%

Size: 80mm x 160.3mm x 71.8mm (w x h x d)

Integrated Mifare RFID reader

Power: 24V DC

1 Relay

Network Interface: TCP/IP, RS485, Weigand

Face template encryption (AES-256)

RFID options: 125kHz EM & 13.56MHz MIFARE, MIFARE Plus


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