HRX1000 Proximity Clocking Terminal

HRX1000 Proximity Reader

HRX1000 Proximity Clocking Terminal

The HRX1000 is a reliable proximity card terminal with integrated Mifare RFID proximity reader. Use with Mifare cards or fobs for quick and contactless clocking. Available in capacities of up to 300 employees or use in non-intelligent mode for more flexible implementations. Combine with other terminals in the HRX range to deliver a complete time and attendance and access control solutions with a single card/fob type.

Key Benefits

Mifare RFID proximity reader

RS232 and TCP/IP comms

Suitable for self installation

Clear audio and visual feedback

Multiple modes and employee capacities

HRX1000 Proximity Clocking Terminal – Technical Specification

RS232 and TCP/IP communications

Flash memory upgradeable over TCP/IP

Mifare RFID proximity reader

Lithium battery backup for data and clock for 3 years

16 X 2 LCD with LED Backlight

Enclosure Material – Flame retardant ABS

Display area: 64mm X 15mm

Size: 157mm (W) X 83mm (H) X 50mm (D)

15,000 clocking capacity in circular buffer

Power supply: 9V DC, 95mm X 45mm X 25mm

25 to 300 employees – upgradeable