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Time and Attendance Software

How Time and Attendance Software Can Help Your Business

Time and attendance software allows you to automate a number of processes which historically may have had to be manual. This generally saves time within your organisation by reducing man hours required. Of course, a manual process can also mean human error and this can become costly for your organisation. If your are not yet using time attendance software for your business, you may be putting time and effort into your HR management that could be reduced dramatically.

In order for you to ensure optimum performance within your team of employees, you need to be able to concentrate on key roles and real time attendance information when you need it. This is where time & attendance software can help you.

Use Egress Time and Attendance Solutions for an efficient & effective results

We will work with your team to integrate your new software with your workforce management software. This allows for streamlined and efficient scheduling, management, payroll and HR administration. You can also monitor your employees at the touch of a button, rather than potentially having to collate information from various sources.

Click on our link to view our full range of time attendance software solutions. Our range includes Focus Lite ideal for SME’s, Focus Pro and Focus Enterprise. All include key time and attendance features and give you the choice based on your requirements.

Take Advantage of Key Software Features

Some of our software features include:

  • Calculate hours, breaks, rounding & overtime automatically
  • Integration with payroll to speed up pay day
  • Manage workforce absence and lateness with automatic definitions
  • View availability of your employees to allow efficient work scheduling
  • Download schedule clocking information throughout the day
  • Get accurate staff data for fire roll call

These are just a few of the advantages of time attendance software from Egress Systems. For full details and information check out our range of systems available and find the right time and attendance software for your business.

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Call now for EXPERT ADVICE 0115 931 4007 or ask a question here ...