Focus Enterprise

Easily control budgets, plan resources, manage lateness and absence

Focus Enterprise Software

Focus Enterprise Time and Attendance system is an enhanced Time and Attendance software solution for medium to large organisations requiring more than a basic time and attendance solution.

Building upon the core features of Focus Pro, Focus Enterprise enables users to effectively mine the large pool of data built up from employee clocking data and scheduled work plans. This ensures it’s an invaluable tool for controlling budgets, planning resources and minimise the effects of absence and lateness.

Focus Enterprise Includes all of the Features of Focus Pro Plus:

  • Report Designer for bespoke report building Suite of Cost Centre enhancements
  • Rota Day Planner
  • Capture up to 40 Rates

Scheduled Reports generation (e-mail / printer) Integration with Cascade HR & Cascade Payroll Additional reports

Focus Enterprise incorporates Cost Centre Analysis for planning and capturing time worked by your employees across different areas of the business.

This provides flexibility to analyse data as you choose: maybe by site, job role or project alongside traditional team or department groupings.

Cost Centre Information is Integrated Throughout Focus:

View cost centre breakdown on the timesheet Apply cost centres to shifts in the Rota Produce reports with cost centre analysis :

  • Payroll Detail & Summary – Employee Hours
  • Cost Variance

Key Benefits

Built-in Report Designer

Schedule Reports by email or send direct to printer

Up to 40 Rates

Cost Centre Analysis

Save Report Templates

Integration with Cascade HR & Cascade Payroll Software Systems

Focus Enterprise Features

Report Designer

The Focus Enterprise report designer utilises VB Script and SQL commands to empower a competent IT department to build the reports required by your business when you need them. Alternatively, our development partners can quickly produce bespoke reports to your design and requirements at a fraction of the cost of traditional bespoke development.

Why not map absence trends over time or compare costs between departments?  You’ll soon see absenteeism falling and your managers and team leaders empowered as they’ll have more information at their fingertips.

Use the power of the Report Designer to generate data feeds to in-house or third-party software applications.  We’ve already done so for our integration with the Cascade HR software system from our HR partners.

A screenshot the report designer tool from the Focus Enterprise time and attendance system

Reports Enhanced with Cost Centre Information

Payroll Summary / Detail by Cost Centre

Easily see how hours paid at payroll are apportioned across your Cost Centres, either within each reporting group you define or across the whole organisation, with the Payroll Summary report. Select one or multiple cost centres for flexible reporting.

Also available as a detail report showing day by day rate totals.

Employee Hours by Cost Centre

Build a picture of the amount of time accumulated at each rate for employees working within each cost centre for the date period selected. Exceptionally useful if employees work across cost centres.

This report enables you to provide accurate reporting of time worked for your job, customer, contract or project.

A screenshot of a cost variance report from the Focus Enterprise time and attendance software

Cost Variance by Cost Centre

Easily check where your projects or contracts are costing you more (or less!) than you’d planned with the Cost Variance report with Cost Centre analysis. A powerful report comparing planned against actual hours across the rates you specify with a calculated variance.

Identify where employees have worked outside the cost centre(s) they were originally planned to work within and group the data by employee if desired.

The Cost Variance report is also useful for future project cost planning as it can be run ahead of time to provide planned hours of employee attendance. Use in conjunction with the Rota for the most sophisticated planning.

Rota Enhancements in Focus Enterprise

The Rota is a feature-rich tool which enables you to carefully plan resource across the areas in your business according to resourcing requirements. Whilst also available in Focus Pro the Rota is substantially enhanced in Focus Enterprise with Cost Centre information and the Rota Day Planner.

Rota Day Planner

A screenshot of the rostering functions from the Focus Enterprise time and attendance software

Selecting a day in the Rota enables you to navigate to the Rota Day Planner. This is a superb additional feature exclusive to Focus Enterprise enabling you to clearly record the quantities of staff required in each area of the business on a specific shift and plan cover accordingly.

  • Drag and drop shifts onto the planner that require resource
  • Record the quantity of staff required for the shift on that day
  • Drag and drop resources from the employee list to add them to a shift
  • Clearly identify when under-resourced
  • Retrospectively identify actual clocking times against planned times
  • Save daily plan template for future use
  • Load a saved template
  • Save plan back to the core Rota screen

Focus Lite & Focus Pro

Maybe Focus Enterprise provides more functionality than you need, if so, consider Focus Lite or Focus Pro.