Focus Pro Employee Attendance Software

A comprehensive and flexible employee attendance software solution, available on our hosted platform and for on premises installation

Focus Pro Software

Focus Pro offers a sophisticated Time Attendance solution for all sizes of organisation and is compatible with a range of Proximity and Biometric terminals.

Building upon the core features of Focus Lite, Focus Pro provides users with extra features to manage costs, highlight undesirable attendance records and identify exceptions.

Focus Pro includes all of the features of Focus Lite plus: Realtime clocking data download, Absence booking via the Calendar and Availability Exceptions management facility

  • Rota
  • Access Control
  • Flexitime & Annualised Hours
  • Enhanced employee data recording
  • Additional reports including Working Time Directive

Plan flexible working patterns with the Focus Pro Rota facility – quickly apply shifts to employees or copy from a pre-defined schedule and amend as required. The Rota calculates the hours and costs of employing the right number of staff for a shift or department.

Compare actual hours worked and the associated costs with the Cost Variance Report. Create Pie Charts, Bar Charts and Area Charts of hours worked – Great for comparing basic hours and overtime across different departments.

Apply Flexitime rules across a period of your choice.

  • Egress Systems

    Employee Time Attendance Software – Focus Pro Demo Part 1

Key Benefits

Capture Hours Worked at Basic and Premium Rates

Calculate Bonuses, Break deductions and implement your shift rules

Integrate with Payroll Packages – Sage, Iris, Earnie and others

Monitor Attendance & Absence – Sickness, Holidays & Lateness

Rota Staff according to Business Demand

Integrated Access Control & Fire Roll Call

Measure and anticipate costs through Management Reports

Flexitime and Annualised Hours Management

Absence Management

Sickness, Holidays & Lateness

The absence management features of the Focus Pro software allow you to configure an unlimited number of absence reasons that can be used to record any type of absence you require, from dentist appointments to paternity leave.

Pre or post-book absences using the employee’s Calendar or Workforce Availability screen which allows you to view absences for groups of employees with statistics and printable reports.

A screenshot of the calendar funtion from the Focus Pro time and attendance system

Advanced holiday functionality allows you to define holiday entitlement in days or hours which can be either a fixed allowance or accrued based upon the amount of time worked. The system caters for any holiday year and allows for adjustments and carryover of end of year balances if required. Full reporting of current balances is available with the Holidays report.

Focus Pro automatically tracks absence where an employee was expected to work but did not clock for the day – this is highlighted in the Exceptions facility. The Exceptions facility also allows you to manage exceptions for unauthorised overtime, an employee’s failure to work the target hours for the shift, missing clocking’s, worked bank holidays and more.

Track lateness and other infringements such as break overrun using the timesheet’s and Infringements Report.

Focus Pro Features

Flexitime and Annualised Hours Management

Watch Window of Employee Attendance

Workforce Rostering

Advanced Shift Rules

Exceptions Management Facility

Memo Facility

User Defined Fields

Cost Variance Reporting

A screenshot showing an example of reporting tools from the Focus Pro time and attendance system

Management Reports

A range of reports are available to help managers and senior members of staff monitor staff and departmental performance, review compliance, plan budgets and more.

Key reports include:

  • Bradford Factor report highlighting employees with disruptive patterns of absence based upon the well-known formula
  • Working Time Regulation report helping you to keep compliant
  • Cost Variance report provides details of the number of hours planned for each employee and variance to actual hours recorded

Textual and graphical reports are also available for weekly totals, group totals, summaries by day and more.

Calculate Hours Worked, Overtime & Bonuses

Eliminate the effort of adding up hours manually by allowing Focus Pro to automatically calculate the hours an employee should be paid and at which rate by configuring shift rules.

Focus Pro provides an extremely flexible solution for calculating when somebody is eligible for basic pay, overtime and bonuses and allows the user to configure grace periods, rounding rules, breaks and more. Focus Pro can accommodate the shift patterns and rules of most organisations as standard but in the event your organisation requires something unique we can often write customised scripts to meet those needs.

Fully editable timesheets allow you (and other managers and supervisors) to amend or add clocking’s and adjust time accrued. User access to the software can be configured to restrict or allow access to specific groups of employees and determine what actions each user can take. A full audit log records all actions and events.

Focus Pro Integrates with Payroll Packages – Sage, Iris, Earnie and others

Speed up payday by exporting hours directly out of Focus into your payroll package. Export formats are current available for Sage Payroll Professional, Sage Micropay, Iris, Earnie, Pegasus and Quantum and we’re always happy to add more on request.

Alternatively export to PDF, CSV or MS Excel to manipulate data for your own purposes.

A range of detailed and summary payroll reports are available to allow you to manually control your payroll if required.

HR Information

Record a range of HR information including the employee’s address, telephone number, NI number, dates etc.

Focus Pro allows users to create their own fields to build up a repository of HR information. Users can define their own text, numeric and date fields to be added to the employee details screen and create drop-down selection list fields. It’s also possible to add fields that point to external documents such as a contract, scanned certificate or image such as a photograph.

The Memo feature allows users to create date stamped public or private memos to record any information they wish. Many customers use the memos to record disciplinary information to provide a historical record of actions taken.

Employee Rota

For industries or departments that don’t have a fixed shift pattern you may wish to use Focus Pro’s Employee Rota software feature for planning shifts. The rota displays the planned hours and costs on a daily and employee basis allowing you to carefully control budgets or plan staff attendance according to need. The employee rota software is particularly popular in the hotel and care sectors but is used by a wide variety of organisations where employees work variable shifts.

Flexitime and Annualised Hours Management

Focus Pro offers a Flexitime / annualised hours management feature for employees who have some flexibility about when they choose to work their hours. This feature can be combined with shift rules to track employee attendance during core hours and on specific days of the week if required. Reports are available to report on the balances of each flexitime period and in detail for each day.

Access Control

When combined with the Suprema X-Station 2, Focus Pro offers access control functionality to control doors, gates, turnstiles etc. Configure rules to determine which employees can gain access at each door/gate and the days and times they are permitted access.

Functionality is also available to control factory bells.

Focus Lite & Focus Enterprise

Focus Lite offers a cheaper alternative to Focus Pro for smaller organisations looking for something better than a basic package.

Focus Enterprise offers further enhanced functionality for larger enterprises.