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Focus Enterprise

Attendance Management Software for your Organisation’s Future

Larger organisations require a wealth of information to control budgets, plan resources and minimise the effects of absence and lateness. Focus Enterprise attendance management software builds upon the core features of Focus Pro. Focus Enterprise enables users to effectively mine the large pool of data built up from employee clockings and scheduled work plans. The Report Designer enables bespoke reports to quickly and easily be created more cost effectively than reports build via traditional development techniques. The cost centre analysis features enrich the data giving your business the flexibility to analyse data as you choose maybe by site, job role or project alongside traditional team or department groupings.

New – automatic biometric template propagation between clocking terminals.

Focus Enterprise’s additional features include:

  • Built-in Report Designer
  • Schedule Reports by email or send direct to printer
  • Increased Number of Rates
  • Cost Centre Analysis
  • Save Report Templates
  • Store Daily/Weekly Rule Scripts in a file structure for reuse
  • Integration with Cascade HR & Cascade Payroll Software Systems

"Some of the features we have found most useful are the Rota costing and budgeting, the cost variance report is particularly good for this as it allows our department heads to see the difference between what their original rota cost had been to their actual cost."

Beverley Richards, Hotel Payroll Manager - The Lewis Partnership

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Automatic Biometric Template Distribution

If you purchase Focus Enterprise with more than one biometric clocking terminal from Suprema’s new generation range (BioStation 2, BioStation L2, BioStation A2 or FaceStation) then you can benefit from automatic distribution of templates between all terminals.  Biometric templates are the binary representation of your employee’s fingerprints and face images registered on the clocking terminal.  Automatic template distribution saves time doing manual transfers or registering employees on more than one terminal.

Increased Number of Rates


To eliminate the effort of adding up hours manually, Focus automatically calculates the hours an employee should be paid and at which rate by configuring shift rules. In Focus Lite and Pro the amount of rates available is limited to 6.

However, Focus Enterprise can handle a maximum of 20 rates. By default the software still only has 6 rates but under the System Settings, it can be increased simply by adding a new rate.

Cost Centre and Rates Timesheet Options


Because of the availability of a greater number of rates in Focus Enterprise, you can hide rate columns that are empty in the Timesheet view by checking a tick box. This is useful when multiple rates have been set-up (bearing in mind you can have up to 20) meaning that you don’t need to scroll along to see potential hours worked in columns that might be at the end of the Timesheet view.

Also there is a tick box to enable the Cost Centre colours to be displayed on the clocking times within the timesheet. This helps to see where hours have been worked.

Save Report Templates


Focus Enterprise allows you to set up and test Employees or Absence Periods reports and then save them as templates. These can then be re-used by yourself or other Supervisors quickly and easily at a later date.

Ability to Schedule Reports by email


The advanced reporting module in Focus Enterprise allows Reports to be sent via email to designated recipients. A schedule for the sending of these reports can be set-up enabling them to be emailed at certain times of the week. This functionality is found in the new Files section of the software.

Sample reports can be found in the Tasks folder of the Files section. These are:

  • EmailCSV – sends a CSV in email body
  • EmailPayrollReport – will send the payroll report. (Of the built-in reports, only the payroll report is accessible from script)
  • EmailToManagers – shows in action

Store Daily/Weekly Rule Scripts in a file structure for reuse


Focus Enterprise has the ability to store custom Reports, Scripts and SQL statements. These are all accessed from the new Files section of the software. Very often special scripts are applied to clockings if the requirement is not catered for already within the software.

Therefore, it becomes very useful to be able to store these special scripts for future use.


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Report Designer


The Focus Enterprise report designer utilises VB Script and SQL commands to empower a competent IT department to build the reports required by your business when you need them. Alternatively, our development partners can quickly produce bespoke reports to your design and requirements at a fraction of the cost of traditional bespoke development.  Why not map absence trends over time or compare costs between departments?  You’ll soon see absenteeism falling and your managers and team leaders empowered as they’ll have more information at their fingertips.

Use the power of the Report Designer to generate data feeds to in-house or third party software applications.  We’ve already done so for our integration with the Cascade HR software system from our HR partners.


Reports Enhanced with Cost Centre Information

Payroll Summary / Detail by Cost Centre

ent_rpt_payroll_costcentreEasily see how hours paid at payroll are apportioned across your Cost Centres, either within each reporting group you define or across the whole organisation, with the Payroll Summary report. Select one or multiple cost centres for flexible reporting.

Also available as a detail report showing day by day rate totals.

Employee Hours by Cost Centre

ent_rpt_employee_hours_ccBuild a picture of the amount of time accumulated at each rate for employees working within each cost centre for the date period selected. Exceptionally useful if employees work across cost centres.

This report enables you to provide accurate reporting of time worked for your job, customer, contract or project.

Cost Variance by Cost Centre

ent_rpt_cost-variance-ccEasily check where your projects or contracts are costing you more (or less!) than you’d planned with the Cost Variance report with Cost Centre analysis. A powerful report comparing planned against actual hours across the rates you specify with a calculated variance.

Identify where employees have worked outside the cost centre(s) they were originally planned to work within and group the data by employee if desired.

The Cost Variance report is also useful for future project cost planning as it can be run ahead of time to provide planned hours of employee attendance. Use in conjunction with the Rota for the most sophisticated planning.

Clockings Reports

Two new reports providing clocking details are available within Focus Enterprise.

Clockings Edits

ent_rpt_edited-timesThe Edited Times report enables you to quickly list all clockings that have been edited for selected Edit Reasons or by specific Focus Users for the time period you specify. Data can be filtered by group and/or reason and detailed information is available such as the date of editing, the original clocking information, the revised clocking information, employee edited, editor and comments.

A very useful report for identifying where timesheets are being over manipulated, identifying patterns of employee behaviour or simply finding an answer to a clockings related query.

Clockings Access

ent-rpt-access-clockings-bygroupempAvailable in three variations the Access Clockings report lists all of your access control transactions for your selected time period grouped and sorted by Group, Employee or Door.

ent-rpt-access-clockings-bydoorThese reports are perfect for identifying employee movements when queries arise or identifying who accessed a specific area of your business at what time.

Logged In Users Report

ent_rpt_logged-in-usersNew to Focus Enterprise is the Logged In Users report which enables the user to identify who else is logged in and potentially locking a record they wish to edit. Also useful for IT personnel who wish to carry out routine maintenance and wish to identify the users to notify.


Focus Enterprise incorporates Cost Centre capability for planning and capturing time worked by your employees across different areas of the business. Focus Enterprise includes all of the functionality of Focus Pro plus:

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Rota Enhancements in Focus Enterprise

Cost Centres on the Rota

The Rota is a feature rich tool which enables you to carefully plan resource across the areas in your business according to resourcing requirements. Whilst also available in Focus Pro the Rota is substantially enhanced in Focus Enterprise with Cost Centre information and the Rota Day Planner.


  • Select shifts by cost centre
  • Cost centre colour clearly displayed on Rota
  • Apply a cost centre to non-cost centre specific shifts

New features also available on the Rota:

  • Copy planned shifts from a work schedule for selected days and/or employees
  • Display planned hours breakdown by rate
  • Book absences directly on the Rota
  • View shifts employees have been planned to work in other areas of the business
  • Include or exclude absences in planned totals

Rota Day Planner

Selecting a day in the Rota enables you to navigate to the Rota Day Planner. This is a superb additional feature exclusive to Focus Enterprise enabling you to clearly record the quantities of staff required in each area of the business on a specific shift and plan cover accordingly.


  • Drag and drop shifts onto the planner that require resource
  • Record the quantity of staff required for the shift on that day
  • Drag and drop resources from the employee list to add them to a shift
  • Clearly identify when under resourced
  • Retrospectively identify actual clocking times against planned times
  • Save daily plan template for future use
  • Load a saved template
  • Save plan back to the core Rota screen

Timesheet Enhancements


  • Define up to 20 rates
  • Choice of viewing all rates or only those populated with data on the Timesheet
  • Cost centre totals breakdown
  • Cost Centre colour coding on clocking times
  • Restrict user access to specific cost centres




Three modular add-ons are currently available for use with Focus Enterprise.

Focus Attendance Board

fab_smlThe Focus Attendance Board (FAB) provides an accurate picture of current attendance at your organisation. A highly configurable browser based module, the FAB can be made available to all PC users within your organisation and displayed on monitors in your reception, common break-out areas or wherever attendance information would be useful.

Click here for more information on the Focus Attendance Board (FAB)

Focus Self Service

self_geolocationFocus Self Service is a web application to enable employees and supervisors to clock in from their PC, smart phone or tablet and access personal or group level timesheet and calendar information.  Track PC clockings via GPS location technology, book holiday requests and enable supervisors to see team information even when working from home.

Click here for more information on Focus Self Service.


Focus Workflows

wflow_screen2Focus Workflows is a powerful add on module for your Focus Time & Attendance system. Build a workflow of issues requiring action for each Focus user and e-mail or print detailed reports according to a schedule relevant to your business.

Click here for more information on Focus Workflows.