Fire Muster Reporting

Automatic fire alarm muster reporting solutions - integrate with your fire alarm panel, send by email or directly to a printer

Fire Alarm Muster Reporting

Fire alarm muster reporting is not just a nice to have add on to an access control system but a crucial part of health and safety procedures. That’s why we provide a range of solutions so that generating that report is quick, safe and reliable.

Key Benefits

Automatic fire muster reporting

Clear indication of personnel onsite

Email and printer options

View on mobile device

Accurate reporting based on access control data

Muster group breakdown

Visitor system integration

A screenshot showing Fire Alarm Muster Reporting

Automatic Fire Alarm Report Generation

Automated fire muster reports can be triggered from a building’s existing fire alarm panel via a simple connection to one of our HRX terminals. HRX devices may be used for multiple purposes including time & attendance and access control. Or, in the case of the HRX Fire-Trigger, used as a dedicated hardware device for connecting to a fire panel alongside a biometric time and attendance or access control system.

Once the Focus software receives an automatic alert, a Muster report is generated and sent to multiple network printers and multiple email recipients.  The report is a snapshot of who is considered IN for Fire Alarm purposes at that moment in time. The report can be pre-configured to present the data as required.

A fire alarm report from the Focus time and attendance system

Fire Muster Reporting Information

The content of the fire muster report is configurable to your organisation’s requirements. A typical report would include:

  • Names of employees with a fire status of IN at the designated location
  • All employees ordered by Muster Group, e.g. Assembly Group Surname A-F, G-M etc.
  • The time of the employee’s last clocking
  • Employee mobile phone number – helping facilitate contact with a missing employee
  • A headcount of all employees with a fire status of IN
  • Timestamp information showing the date/time of the report and the last time each relevant T&A or Access Control device was last successfully communicated with.


  • "We don’t use all the features and functions of Focus, but those we do use are so easy to view and simple to use. I can’t think of another application I’ve used in the last 10 years that has been so reliable or required so little maintenance. If its functionality is what you’re looking for I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it."

Muster Reporting Features

Reliable Real-Time Data

The Fire In / Out status can be set to simply follow the employee’s T&A status. Alternatively, it can be also updated from their use of Access Controlled doors/turnstiles. So an employee could have a fire status as IN when they arrive on-site through a turnstile – even before they have clocked in for T&A.

Fire Alarm Roll Call

The Focus Roll Call feature is designed to speed up the process of accounting for employees during a fire evacuation procedure. The Roll Call acts as an employee register and details the whereabouts of team members based on your pre-set conditions and filters. Depending on your organisation’s size and complexity, you can choose to have a single roll call or several.

Visitor System Integration

Focus has a number of integrations with other third-party applications. In particular, interfacing with EntrySign Visitor Management system, allows Focus to include a separate Visitors Fire Roll Call report, that can be automatically generated at the same time as the Employee report.

Reliable Infrastructure

If required, an automated fire report can be produced that is not reliant upon software or network infrastructure. Using an HRX clocking terminal, a serial printer can be wired directly into the HRX RS232 port. The HRX terminal itself will then generate the Fire Roll Call report directly to the serial printer. Both the HRX and the printer can be powered via a UPS to ensure a report is produced even during a power outage. This direct from terminal report can be produced at the same time as one generated through the Focus software. This is sometimes done as a precaution or back-up in case any infrastructure fails during the emergency.

Manual Fire Report Generation

Quickly produce a Fire Report by pressing the Fire Report button on the Focus toolbar or via the fire icon on the desktop. A report will then be sent to the designated printer/s. This does not require the purchase of an HRX terminal.