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Timesheet Software Solutions

Our time and attendance solutions deliver clear and comprehensive timesheets, ready for export to payroll.

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Key Benefits

  • Annualised hours, flexitime and time-in-lieu options

  • Up to three levels of Timesheet approval hierarchy

  • Export to a wide range of payroll packages

  • Determine overtime and bonuses

  • Easy identification of exceptions and infringements

  • Tracking of holidays, including Self Service holiday requests

  • Record sickness and unlimited absence types

  • Determine hours based upon rostered shifts

Flexible Timesheet Software Solutions

Whether you call them timesheets or timecards, they are the heart of any time and attendance system. On a basic level, timesheets are a weekly display of the recorded attendance of your employees. The Focus timesheet takes the raw clocking data and automatically applies your specific rules to deliver a timesheet ready for export to payroll.

Automatically applied rules make timesheet management transparent, fair and consistent whilst saving you hours of labour.


Timesheet Software

Timesheet Software for Businesses of All Sizes

Focus treats late or early attendance in the way you require, whether that’s rounding time, allowing a period of grace for lateness or paying (or not paying) pre-shift overtime. Saving you time and the organisation money. Unauthorised absences are automatically identified because Focus knows when each employee is due to work with the Work Schedule and Rota features.

Overtime and bonuses are automatically calculated and we’re confident that you can challenge Focus to accommodate your specific or complex rules. Our experienced team of trainers and support staff guide you through the process of set-up so you’re confident from the moment you start using Focus.

Timesheet System

Of course, sometimes employees forget to clock or an adhoc adjustment is required. That’s where the Focus timesheet improves upon other time and attendance systems because it’s fully editable, intuitive and easy to change. Quickly and easily add or amend clocked times and accrued hours at any rate.

All amendments to the timesheet are fully audited and reversible.

User profiles allow you to carefully control which members of staff can view or amend various elements of the timesheet so that you need not fear fraudulent or unscrupulous actions. You can even prevent users from amending their own timesheet

The Exceptions features allows you to quickly and easily identify missing clockings, where employees have worked on their holiday, have unauthorised overtime or if they’ve not met their target hours. Absences such as sickness and holidays automatically populate the timesheet from the calendar.


  • "Without question the system has saved us both time and money, as well as making the overall business more efficient the savings as a result of implementing annualised hours has exceeded our expectation."

    Paul McCourt, Systems Manager – Andrew Watt Ltd

  • "The biometric systems provided by Egress/Focus saves ours business time and effort collating hours for payroll purposes every week."

    Michael Martin, Industrial Branch Manager – Thorn Baker Industrial Recruitment