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Access Control

Access Control

Access Control is often an essential requirement for any business, the knowledge of the added security it provides is priceless. Not only that, it becomes a way of controlling personnel within an organisation – ensuring only the correct people go into the correct areas. We offer different solutions in order to efficiently meet your specific Access Control requirements all designed to integrate with your Focus Time & Attendance system.

Access Control Devices

Almost all of our biometric terminals can be used for access control.  Some devices are dedicated to access control such as the BioEntryW2 and BioEntryP2.  When using proximity cards or fobs for access control, we use the HRX5000 or HRX Access Controller as the main control device, coupled with remote readers.

What Can We Control?

Doors (both internal and external), gates, turnstiles and vehicle barriers are the most common applications for access control.

Professional Installation

Installing an access control solution is a skilled job and that is why we only use professional locksmiths.  Our locksmiths can attend your site to perform a detailed site survey to recommend the appropriate electric locks and door furniture for your doors – each door is unique and could require a different solution depending on head height, door composition, existing locks, fire requirements etc.

We can supply and install all equipment required as part of the job including the electric locks, power supply units, press-to-exit buttons, break-glasses, key switches, intercoms as well as the actual devices that will validate access – such as card/fob readers, biometric readers and access controllers.

Access control installation
Access control turnstile

Levels of Control

Access control can be provided in a simple to use set up, where if a person is registered to the device controlling the door or turnstile they will be granted access.

Where required, more advanced control can be provided, such as using access groups to control who has access to each door and when they are permitted access.  Open time profiles can be created to allow a door to remain unlocked during certain hours on specific days and then access controlled during other times.

Access readers can be configured to also act as in/out devices for time & attendance and/or fire alarm status.