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What is Time Attendance Software?

What is time attendance software and how can it help my business?

Whether you’re already using an existing system or wish to improve efficiency and effectiveness within your business. Time attendance software is a helpful addition.

It works in a number of ways to help you manage your employees. From hours worked to absences and general personnel management, all are available at the touch of a button. The software will ensure you maintain accurate records by minimising human error and reduce the staff time spent managing records.

What is Time Attendance Software

Tailored to Your Business

Time attendance software from Egress Systems is tailored to your business. This means you can focus on what really needs addressing within your organisation and develop this to other areas when you are ready.

For example, if you simply want a clocking in and out system to track employee hours and attendance, then we can help. If you want to develop this system to also incorporate human resource management and finance, we can do that too!

Our range of time attendance software allows you to upgrade or downgrade whenever you’re ready. Focus Lite is a great starting point and provides an ideal starting platform for small to medium-sized businesses. Focus Pro goes to the next level and allows for more functionality and reporting. The Focus Enterprise time attendance software covers a huge range of services and is suitable for large organisations.

If this is something you are interested in, or you would like more information then please give us a call and we will be very happy to discuss your needs and see how we can help your business.

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