New Feature:  Prevent a Focus User from editing their own timesheet

This useful feature available in Focus Pro/Enterprise version 3.416 can be found in the User Setup screen.  Click on Add Link to link the currently selected user with their employee record.

New Feature:Mandatory comment on Absence Reason edit

This optional absence reason requirement can be easily turned on or off for each absence reason using a tick-box.

New Tool:BiostationCommandLine

BiostationCommandLine is designed to be an engineer’s utility for use with Suprema V2 terminals.

It allows text based commands to be sent directly to a specific V2 terminal (e.g. Biostation2, Biostation A2, FaceStation2 etc.).

BiostationCommandLine allows most functions available within the terminal menu to be performed.  Functions include:  Set Date Format, Upload background image, clear log file, Set up Function keys, modify IP details and many others.

We already use BiostationCommandLine in-house to help configure customer’s configuration preferences to new clocking terminals.

It is also proving to be useful for troubleshooting.  It is a small installation and is often a more practical option than installing Biostar2 if you don’t need all the advanced features of Biostar2.