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Time & Attendance for Apple Macs

Are you looking for time and attendance software that’s suitable for running on your Apple Mac?

Well, look no further.  Our hosted time and attendance software is easily accessible from an Apple Mac, not to mention your iPhone or iPad.  If you have a mixture of operating systems across Android and Microsoft platforms too then our hosted solution is for you.

We host the Focus Enterprise time and attendance software on your behalf at our UK based data centre and you can access it remotely as if it was an application on your desktop.  Not through your web browser like some solutions.

Integrate the software with a range of clocking terminals at your distributed sites using 3G or port forwarding via your router and you won’t even need to worry about data back-ups because we’ll handle that and a range of other services for you.

Take a look at our hosted time and attendance software service page for more information.

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